Because nothing says "lesploitation" like the Muppets

Angel: After the Fall writer Brian Lynch has started a fun series of posts on his blog called "Disturbingly True Tales of the Comic Book Industry." The first one involved a meeting at one of the "Big Two" about an idea they had for a new series:

I talk to the editor, and he says after reading my work (they had not just comic stuff, but the Muppet screenplay that I had sold to Henson) they had the PERFECT project for me.

It was lesbian detective series. The word "lesploitation" was used. A lot. "You know, they work hard, they play hard, making out with girls, solving crimes revolving around girls, etc."

I thought they were kidding. They weren't.

The second one recounts a meeting with a drunk editor in San Diego that may or may not have been a date.

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