Beauty and The Hulk is the Disney/Marvel Mashup as Old as Time

If you watched the first trailer for Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast" and thought, "That's great, but what it could really use is some Marvel characters," then you're in luck.

Combining dialogue and music from the "Beauty and the Beast" trailer with a handful of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, most notably "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Darth Blender has created a tale as old as time: "Beauty and The Hulk."

An incredible green beast called The Hulk keeps a prisoner inside his castle. That's when the beautiful Natasha Romanoff offers herself instead to free her father. What she didn't imagine is that the beast were in fact a charming and sweet creature she would fall in love with. Coming soon, the most beloved fairy tale of all time: "Beauty and The Hulk"!

Obviously, Marvel's Green Goliath stands in for The Beast, with Black Widow assuming the role of Belle. They're joined by Ant-Man as Lumière (because, why not), Rocket Raccoon as Cogsworth (that seems about right) and Baby Groot as Chip. Loki also makes a pitch-perfect cameo as the villainous Gaston, which may be an unfortunate case of type-casting; the god of mischief has a tough time breaking out of that mold.

As you might expect, the mashup (mostly) works, although the part of Belle doesn't give Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow much room for kicking butt. Oh, well, there's always the sequel ...

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