Beau Smith joins Idea + Design Works

Official Press Release

SAN DIEGO, CA. Idea + Design Works, LLC, a creative service company based in San Diego, has announced that Beau Smith has signed on as their Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. The position is part-time and Smith continues to be available for other marketing and writing positions.

Ted Adams, IDW's president said, "Beau and I have been friends for a long time and I'm very excited to have the chance to work with him again. When we started IDW, we agreed early on that we were only going to work with people that would bring aggressive new ideas to the table, and Beau certainly fits that bill."

IDW is the premier comic art and graphic design studio. Their clients include Activision, Cartoon Network, Dimension Films, Electronic Arts, Fox Family/Saban, Microsoft, Pepsi, Simon & Schuster, Upper Deck, WildStorm, WizKids, and many others. The company also recently published UNO FANTA: THE ART OF ASHLEY WOOD.

Beau will be assisting IDW as they continue to grow their client base and will be involved in opening new markets. Beau said, "IDW has worked with an impressive group so far and I plan on bringing them all kinds of new work. This job was a perfect situation for me because they have no problem with me taking on other freelance jobs, both in marketing and writing. I'll spend about half my day drumming up business for IDW and the other half working for myself on a variety of projects. Right now I'm wrapping up Xena/Wonder Woman for DC and a Darth Maul story for Star Wars Tales."

More information about IDW can be found at their website, Idea + Design Works, LLC (www.ideaanddesignworks.com).

Source: Idea + Design Works, LLC

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