Beast's Up To Some Spooky Stuff In All-New X-Men #14


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "All-New X-Men" #14, which is on sale now.

"All-New X-Men" readers may have noticed something popping up in the series' pages over the last few months. The normally scientific teenage Beast may have turned a corner and opened himself up to new areas of study -- and it looks like it's all come to a violent head in "All-New X-Men" #14.

Before we get to what happened in the most recent issue, let's take a few steps back to April's "All-New X-Men" #6 by Dennis Hopeless and Paco Medina. The done-in-one issue saw Hank McCoy go out on a limb and seek an answer for their time-lost predicament from an unlikely source: Doctor Strange. If Beast couldn't find a way to send himself and his teammates back to their original time using science, then maybe magic held the key.

"All-New X-Men" #8 interior art by Paco Diaz and Rachelle Rosenberg

After a few lessons and an adventure, the science-minded Hank McCoy realized that magic wasn't really so different from science -- at least, from a certain point of view.

"All-New X-Men" #8 interior art by Paco Diaz and Rachelle Rosenberg

While Doctor Strange may not have been able to help with the time-displaced team's temporal problem, he did soften Beast's anti-magic stance. The Sorcerer Supreme even left the X-Man with a gift, a mask known as the Third Eye of Horus.

The Third Eye of Horus came into play during the next arc, as it was partly to blame for Beast and his teammate Evan from getting kicked all the way back in time to Ancient Egypt. After a whole storyarc set in the distant past, Beast finally reclaimed the Third Eye of Horus and used its magical powers to return the pair of X-Men back to their home time.

"All-New X-Men" #11 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessey and Nolan Woodard

That brings us to the present and the most recent issue, which sees Beast locked away in his lab working on...something. Unlike previous times he's gotten fixated on a project, Beast won't let anyone know what he's doing. With the rest of the team out, only Cyclops is around to see the curious thing poking out of Hank's pocket.

"All-New X-Men" #14 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

Unsure of what he saw and frustrated at Hank's secrecy, Cyclops (still recovering from wounds sustained back in the book's opening arc) tries to find a way to peek into Hank's lab. His attempts only succeed at annoying the secretive Beast, but things go from inconvenient to dangerous when a big monster appears seemingly out of nowhere.

"All-New X-Men" #14 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

While the monster isn't identified, it sure bears more than a passing resemblance to the types of magical beasts Doctor Strange fights on the reg -- specifically a beast like Shuma-Gorath. Cyclops defeats the monster, but his happy ending doesn't last long.

"All-New X-Men" #14 interior art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard

So what's going on here? Did these monsters emerge because of something secret -- and possibly magical -- Beast is up to? Could this tie in with the fact that we know the Goblyn Queen Madelyne Pryor is on the way? Has Beast been tinkering with magic the way he tinkers with gadgets? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but it looks like the teenage Beast could be going down a very different road from his adult counterpart.

"All-New X-Men" #15 arrives in stores on November 9.

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