EXCL.: Dark Horse's Beasts of Burden Saga Continues with The Presence of Others

Beasts of Burden, the eight-time Eisner Award-winning series from Dark Horse Comics, is making its triumphant return with Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others, by Evan Dorkin (Calla Cthulhu, Dork, Blackwood) and Jill Thompson (Fables, Scary Godmother).

The two-part story follows the eponymous team of paranormal investigator pets as they investigate the weird happenings of Burden Hill. While poking around the neighborhood, an encroaching team of human occult investigators unwittingly disturb the graveyard where the mysterious “Master” lies.

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Created by Dorkin and Thompson, the Beasts of Burden characters first appeared in The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings in 2003. Then, in 2009, they received a four-issue limited series, and have continued to appear in various Dark Horse titles since. The most recent four-issue series, Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men, by Dorkin and Benjamin Dewey, concluded in December 2018.

Beasts of Burden: The Presence of Others Part One (of Two) goes on sale May 1 from Dark Horse Comics.

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