Beast Meets West Party in the Emerald City

Official Press Release

To celebrate Emerald City Comicon, Silent Devil's Fiction Clemens is proud to announce:

Beast Meets West Party! Saturday March 31st, 2007 At the Rendezvous 2322 2nd Ave. Seattle (in Belltown) March 31st 9pm - 1:30am Ages 21+ $5 Cover at the Door

Glitterus and Fiction Clemens present an evening of Drinking, Dancing, DJs, a collection of Artists, and a Hillbilly Duet. Showcasing some of the West's finest talent…

Musicians: In The Grotto

Squirrel Butter: Funky old-time duet performs hillbilly tunes with banjo, guitar, and boisterous buckdancin'! Don't miss these guys, they'll knock your socks off, and maybe yur underpants too!

Crispy [hype] Voted "Most Likely to DJ at the Fiction Clemens Party" in High School, Crispy's destiny has nearly been fulfilled. Witness the moment when one man meets his future and boldly proceeds into the unknown.[/hype]

Jesiah, (pants) has been charming the northwest with a wicked boyish charisma for years. And now he is going to seduce your pants off (to add to his collection) with some wild western shenanigans.

Thee Bad Pioneer 2000, aka Matty2K, hails from the wild west of the future where the chickens have run the foxes out of town, where the piggies get the first course AND the sloppy seconds. This is the land of the Hed, a strange place to be but one where friends and strangers alike are always welcome. He'll be bringin' his own sci-fi hoe-down (bros up) to the downtown to help the fuzzy animals get down. The bounty of his musical harvest is as is plentiful as the bounty for his head is high....and we do mean "high".

Artists: In the Velvet Lounge

Josh Wagner will be presenting artwork from his 3-part graphic novel,"FictionClemens", upstairs in the velvet lounge. Wagner is a vagabond, novelist, filmmaker, and comic creator who couldn't draw a stick-man to save his grandma's life. Lucky for his grandma, Josh has found brilliant artists in Argentina to do his drawing for him. Since they can't make it, Josh will be showcasing their work, a disturbing display of the disproportionate and the cartoony... vivid hallucinogenic landscapes, and characters who wear their souls on their faces.

Tatiana Gill is an artistic force to be reckoned with, as the accomplished illustrator of Strange Day fame. Tats is sought out as an artist due to her masterful yet irreverent abilities to capture life as hilarity. A skillful-clever artist with a well rounded portfolio and the best sense of humor this side of the Mississippi.

Freedom Drudge, comic creator, sketch-artist, and tattoo-master, will be showcasing his work upstairs in the velvet lounge. Freedom's creation combines a nightmarish love for the monstrous and bizarre with a uniquely urban flair. From little ditties like "The Sock that was Mean" to his post-apocalyptic epic "the Spoils", Freedom's mind is an uncontainable inkwell of creativity and artistic innovation.

Siya Oum will bring her gorgeous pencils and colors to the Velvet Lounge. Up-and-coming illustrator, designer, and comic artist living in Seattle, Siya is known for her sophisticated take on anime stylings. Her current project, "Executive Assistant", a story inspired by real events between the late 70's and 80's, where senior executives in Asia began to groom their female executive assistants to be trained killers – taking the term "corporate warfare" to a new level.

And finally, Taki Soma, artist of the hit webcomic "You'll Never Die", will be showcasing her amazing artwork and taking requests for sketches.

Please visit www.fictionclemens.org and www.silentdevil.com for more details.

See y'all there!

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