What Happened to the Beast's Dog, Sassafrass?

This is "Split Up on a Dark Sad Night," a feature where we look at instances where the supporting cast of a comic book series just disappear into comic book limbo when either the title is canceled or if the direction on the series changes dramatically.

Today, based on a suggestion from reader RS, we look at the Beast's dog, Sassafrass!

Back in Defenders #89 (by David Kraft, Ed Hannigan, Don Perlin and Pablo Marcos), Patsy Walker inherited her mother's house and her mother's housekeeper, Dolly Donahue! The Defenders then set up camp in the house...

Years later, Beast had taken over leadership of the Defenders. In Defenders #122 (by J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin and Kim DeMulder), the Beast debuts his new dog, Sassafrass!

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In that same issue, Patsy announces her marriage to Damian Hellstrom...

There's a cute bit where Beast struggles with his new dog (and also all the fan letters he gets from his time on the Avengers)...

Sassafrass even comes with the Beast to Patsy and Damian's wedding...

Beast even takes him to dinner parties!

In Defenders #138, Peter Gillis was now the writer on the series, but he kept Sassafrass in the book and even INCREASED his role! The Defenders were now basically led by Candy Southern, Angel's girlfriend, and she installed security holograms at their new homebase and one of them was of Galactus...riding Sassafrass!!

In Defenders #150, Sassafrass even got his own backup story, with the dog dealing with the holograms (of the whole Marvel Universe)...

The series ended with Defenders #152, with most of the team dead except for the soon-to be founders of X-Factor. Beast is reunited with Sassafrass...

And that's it!

Dolly Donahue at least was killed of off-panel in Hellstorm, Prince of Lies #3 (by Rafael Nieves and Michael Bair)....

But we never learned what happened to Sassafrass!

I mean, I get why Bob Layton obviously was not interested in using Sassafrass in X-Factor (and honestly, nor should he be expected to HAVE to have a dog character if he didn't want one), but it is still surprising that with all of the attention people pay to X-Men continuity over the years, no one just threw in a bit about what happened to his dog.

RS suggested that Dolly adopted her, which makes sense, of course. Hopefully Sassafrass got a good home when Dolly died!

Thanks to RS for the suggestion!

Okay, folks, I know you have some examples of this! Send your suggestions into me at brianc@cbr.com!

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