10 Things Fans Forget About Beast Boy

When it comes to DC Comics, there are many heroes and characters who are very underrated thanks to the popularity of big name heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. One such hero has to be Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy. Everyone knows the teenager who has green eyes, skin and hair and can morph into any animal he chooses, but there is so much more to his story.

For someone who comes across as carefree and charismatic, Garfield hides a painful past and history that led to his heroic transformation. Here are ten things fans often forget about Beast Boy.

10 His Parents Turned Him Into Beast Boy

Growing up with two scientists for parents, Garfield often felt alone and reclusive. Living in West Africa, his parents often neglected Garfield while working to create a reverse evolution serum that would bring back extinct species of the animal kingdom. This led to the major turning point in Garfield’s life.

When he contracted a rare disease called Sakutia, his father gave him an untested serum to turn him into a West African green monkey for a day to allow the illness to burn out. This resulted in Garfield’s DNA being changed, turning him into the green-skinnned and shape-changing metahuman we all know today.

9 He Was Adopted By The Doom Patrol

After his parents passed away in a boating accident, Garfield was rescued by the Doom Patrol. After he had been rescued by kidnappers, his court-appointed guardian was an evil man named Nicholas Galtry, who had embezzled money from his parent’s estate. He tried to have Garfield executed, but Elasti-Girl and her husband Steve Dayton saved him and later adopted him.

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This led to Garfield joining the Doom Patrol, wearing a purple cowl and calling himself Beast Boy. However, this too was not meant to last, as Beast Boy was left to mourn the loss of the Doom Patrol.

8 He Starred In A Sci-Fi Show

After the tragic loss of The Doom Patrol, Garfield drifted a bit. He found himself in an unexpected career, using his charisma and charm to become an actor on a hit science fiction show called Space Trek: 2020. Unsurprisingly and hilariously, this fictionalized television show faced lawsuits from Star Trek and Space: 1999, and so the show was canceled.

This acting gig is what led him to join the West Coast version of the Teen Titans, known as Titans West. He was later approached to join the New Teen Titans by iconic leaders Dick Grayson and Raven, taking his new code name Changeling.

7 He Fell In Love With Deathstroke’s Spy

Garfield's initial years of work with the Teen Titans show him more as a comic relief character, as he was known for using his jokes, humor, and charm to hide his suffering from his teammates. However, there was no hiding the pain that came with the betrayal of someone he loved and trusted.

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One of the other Titans was a member named Terra, a powerful metahuman who could manipulate and control the Earth. The two fell in love, until it was revealed that Terra was a spy sent to watch and even manipulate the Teen Titans by Deathstroke. She later passed away.

6 He Led The Titans Against Superboy-Prime

After the tragic loss of Donna Troy, Beast Boy teamed up with Starfire and Cyborg to form a new team of Teen Titans. Becoming mentors, the three brought heroes from the Young Justice team into the fold and formed the team that would be lead into battle against one of DC’s greatest foes.

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Beast Boy led the members of past and present Teen Titans teams during the Infinite Crisis event. When Superboy-Prime descended on the scene, the Titans threw everything they had at the villain. Sadly, the combined power of the Titans was not enough to stop him.

5 He Led The Teen Titans After Infinite Crisis

After the events of Infinite Crisis, Garfield found himself as the solo leader of the Teen Titans. In the weekly series 52, it is revealed that after the loss of Superboy, Robin and Wonder Girl, Starfire and Cyborg left the Teen Titans behind, leaving Beast Boy to take the reigns and recruit new team members.

However, the initial recruits were only interested in fame and fortune. When Steel called on the Titans to help him in a raid on Lexcorp, the majority of the team left, leaving only Raven, Zatara and Beast Boy to aid Steel in his battle against Lexcorp.

4 He Clashed With Wonder Girl

Much later after having left the Teen Titans for a bit, Garfield found himself seeking to leave the past behind after Raven rejected their romance once more. After helping the Titans overcome the villain Cinderblock during battle and against Wonder Girl’s wishes, he resumed a leadership role within the team.

This led to some major clashes during this time. After facing a resurrected Terra during the Blackest Night event, he and Wonder Girl argued over who was truly in charge of the team. Eventually, Garfield proved his maturity by transforming into a Phoenix to save the Titans while fighting villain Holocaust.

3 He Reconciled With Raven After Defeating Superboy-Prime

In the final issues of the Titans comic book series (prior to the New 52 relaunch), Superboy-Prime led his own version of the Legion of Doom to attack Titans Tower and destroy them once and for all. The battle leads to many close calls, from Raven stopping Kid Flash from ending Inertia to her revealing her soul self to Headcase to defeat him.

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The Legion is eventually defeated and Superboy-Prime is bound to the Source Wall. It is then that Rave and Beast Boy finally have an honest conversation, revealing their love as he promises never to leave her.

2 He Changed To Red

One of the most shocking things fans may not know about Beast Boy was his major transformation and retcon for The New 52. Garfield appeared for the first time in DC’s New 52 reboot in the Ravagers series. Joining the team, fans were shocked to find Beast Boy was no longer colored green, but red.

This change was meant to signify Animal Man’s connection to The Red, an extra-dimensional source for Animal Man’s powers. He joined the Ravagers and formed a bond with Terra once more, this time while imprisoned in The Colony by Harvest’s forces, forcing powered teens to fight and be experimented on.

1 Future Beast Boy Married Rose Wilson

During the events of Forever Evil, Johnny Quick tossed the Titans into the time stream. This led to Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl being sent 20 years into the future, where most of the superheroes had all been defeated or killed. In this timeline, Garfield is now known as Beast Man, and one of the only survivors of the Justice League.

In this future, Superman and Lois Lane’s son went mad and ended the lives of many of the heroes. It is revealed that Garfield married Rose Wilson in this possible future, and both had a daughter named Red who they were training.

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