Beast Back to the Avengers!

Well, Secret Avengers, at least.

Marvel released their first Secret Avengers promo, and it's pretty clearly Beast (click to enlarge).

Now it makes you wonder what Secret Avengers will be (great name, by the way). Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato will be the creative team, so I'm guessing it almost certainly will be the replacement for Dark Avengers, in the sense that Norman Osborn, Head of HAMMER, had his private Avengers group, so this will be Steve Rogers' private Avengers group (as Steve Rogers is basically Brubaker's personal character at the moment, as Rogers' stories are spinning directly out of Brubaker's Cap run), only instead of calling them the Invaders, they went with the much more marketable "Secret Avengers" name.

Very, very cool.

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