BCC: Valiant's Eternal Warrior Returns at Baltimore

Cover by Patrick Zircher, Pullbox variant by Doug Braithwaite

At the Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 Valiant Entertainment panel, it was revealed that the Eternal Warrior will make his Valiant relaunch debut in Fred Van Lente's "Archer & Armstrong" #5, following the conclusion of the first arc. Joining Van Lente on the book is artist Emanuela Lupacchino to reintroduce a whole new generation of readers to Armstrong's brother, the Eternal Warrior.

"We feel like he's an excellent character," Simons told CBR. "He's the perfect character for this particular story that Fred [Van Lente] wanted to tell. Where we're going with the book after the first arc, what we wanted to do and the close of the first arc really helps seed his appearance here. It's really the introduction of one of Valiant's biggest characters. He's a key part to the mythology of our universe. He's key to what we're doing with the three immortal brothers, so we feel like it's a key part to what we want to go for."

The original Eternal Warrior was one of three immortal brothers: the Eternal Warrior, Armstrong, and Ivar the Timewalker. While Valiant only talked about the Eternal Warrior's return, it's likely only a matter of time before the Timewalker starts to play a larger role in the Valiant Universe.

Check out the image gallery from Valiant's panel below and check back on Monday for CBR's extended interview with Warren Simons on Eternal Warrior and the future of Valiant.

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