BCC EXCLUSIVE: Boom! Studios announces "She-Devils" by George Perez

BOOM! Studios announced back in July that legendary comic artist George Perez (The New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Avengers) had signed an exclusive contract with the company, and that his first project with them would be announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

At this morning's Spotlight on George Perez panel in Baltimore, that project came to light -- "She-Devils," a four-issue miniseries coming in 2014. BOOM! Studios also provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive first look at a promotional piece by Perez and colorist Steve Downer.

At press time, no further details about the project were available, but watch for an interview with Perez on the project soon.

"I just want to be able to create," Perez told CBR's Jonah Weiland about his contract with BOOM!. "I want to have something that looks like it's something that George Perez did and only George Perez could do it as opposed to George Perez is just doing it because he was hired by this company and they put my name on it. ... I needed to feel like I could sit down with an editor and bounce ideas and see that glint in the eyes, from either him or me, 'Oh my gosh, that's an idea that I'd just love to put down on paper!' As opposed to, you know, 'How can we do something that'll help promote the next movie we're gonna do.'"

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