BBC's 'Dirk Gently' Casts Samuel Barnett in Title Role

"Jupiter Ascending" alum Samuel Barnett has joined BBC's "Dirk Gently" in the title role.

According to Deadline, Barnett will play the eccentric detective as he and his assistant Todd (Elijah Wood) "wend their way through one big, seemingly insane mystery a season, crossing unlikely paths with a bevy of wild and sometimes dangerous characters, each episode landing them a few random steps closer to uncovering the truth."

In addition to "Jupiter Ascending," Barnett has had recurring roles on "Not Safe for Work," "Twenty Twelve" and "Beautiful People." He has also appeared in "Bright Star" and "History Boys."

"Chronicle" screenwriter Max Landis to adapt Douglas Adams’ 1987 novel "Dirk Genty’s Holistic Detective Agency" and its sequel "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" for television. The series is co-produced by AMC Studios, Ideate Media, Circle of Confusion and IDW Entertainment — the comic book publisher responsible for the latest adaptations under writer Arvind Ethan David and artist Ilias Kyriazis.

The eight-episode “Dirk Gently” adaptation will air on BBC America in the US.

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