BBC to Revive 'Danger Mouse'

Brace yourselves, '80s animation fans: The BBC has announced it's dusting off Danger Mouse, with some help from FreemantleMedia and Boulder Media.

Few details were revealed, but FreemantleMedia said that the super-spy's familiar eye patch will be replaced by an updated i-patch featuring all kinds of technological goodies.

Originally airing from 1981 to 1992, Danger Mouse followed the exploits of the world's best secret agent and his timid assistant Penfold, who had a tendency to get in the way or, worse, get kidnapped.

The series and its spinoff Count Duckula aired in the United States on Nickelodeon.

"The thrills, spills and comedy of this landmark international animated series are all still here but this rebooted version will be brought up-to-date for today's tech-savvy and content-hungry kids," Freemantle's Rick Glanker said in a statement. "In this new 21st-century version the laughs are set to be even louder as the world's smallest secret agent faces mightier missions, voracious villains and knee-trembling threats."

The new Danger Mouse will debut in 2015 on CBBC.

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