B&B TV: "The Fate of Equinox!"

Not so much time this week. Let's be quick and do this bullet-point style!

"The Fate of Equinox!"

Written by: Joseph Kuhr. (Really?)


  • "Sorry, Harvey. Justice is a two-way street!" I missed the first minute or two, though. Wha hoppen? James Remar as Two-Face! That's gotta excite Dave Campbell, at least.
  • Yeah, Doctor Fate! Funny that Oded Fehr's playing Equinox in this one-- he was Fate on JLU.
  • I'm enjoying the competition between Dr. Fate and Batman, both experts in their fields, each thinking their method's the best, but working in tandem anyway.
  • I also dig the ankh symbols in Dr. Fate's magic lasers. Gotta have those.
  • Batman enjoys giving "knuckle sandwiches."
  • Batman doesn't have time for losers like the Lords of Order and Chaos.
  • I also love how stuff just happens on this show, and Batman just does stuff, because he's Batman. Dinosaurs in the streets? Why not?
  • Too strong for any hero, eh? Bring on the super-cameos.
  • Hal Jordan? What, was Guy too busy?
  • Eyyyy! Jay Garrick! He's back!
  • Aquaman, shot down.
  • Batman has a "proclivity towards chaos," now? And he becomes a one-man Justice League? Okay.
  • Why, I do believe that's a giant Batman mecha-kaiju. Now we're talking!
  • "Bash him in the blowhole, Batman!"
  • This episode's gone all Power Rangers on us. Or, better yet, Voltron.
  • Bat-Kaiju pulls some freshman psychology on Equinox and throws off his game. Really? That's all it took?
  • "Balance this!" That's better.
  • Ha! He namechecked the title of the show! Aaand... oh. It's over.

Moral of the Story: Accept your inner chaos and your outer order. And become a giant robot.

Verdict: Equinox is far from the best antagonist we've had on this show, but everything's better with a giant Voltron fight.

Your turn! What hast thou to say, loyal readers?

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