Baymax, DuckTales Visit Disney's Haunted Mansion in Halloween Promos


Halloween is near, and the stars of Disney XD's animated series are celebrating in syngergistic fashion.

The popular animation channel has released a series of promos that find characters from three of its series- the recently revamped Ducktales, Star vs. The Forces of Evil and the upcoming television adaption of Big Hero 6- in adorable stop-motion discoveries of Disneyland's infamous Haunted Mansion ride.

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All three promos feature the series' regular voice actors along with some of The Haunted Mansion's most iconic other-worldly beings. Want to hear two owls croon the Ducktales theme song? How about seeing Baymax attempt to administer medical assistance to a headless ghost?  Check out all three charmingly spooky crossovers below.

The promos feature animated series each in different stages. Star vs. The Forces of Evil is in the middle of its third season, Ducktales recently premiered to vast critical acclaim, and Big Hero 6: The Series is set to premiere next month.

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The promos are a result of its own team up between animation giants Walt Disney Imagineering, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Disney XD. They'll begin airing on Disney XD tomorrow through October.

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