Bay Ushers In Alien Camcorder Invasion Movie

Even as he's helming Transformers 3, Michael Bay is already planning another alien incursion on Earth; he's just signed on to produce an alien abduction project from newcomer Bobby Glicker.

Glicker isn't a stranger to Bay; he served as an assistant on the original Transformers movie, as well as directing two short horror movies, Road to Moloch and The Descendent. But it was the all-new two minute teaser that he created as a pitch for his unnamed alien project that led to Bay agreeing to usher this movie into a deal with Paramount Pictures. The Wrap describes the movie as Cloverfield meets Paranormal Activity, which I guess means that Glicker should get used to making everything look like camcorder footage when he starts directing.

Bay's Platinum Dunes company is currently looking for writers to work with Glicker to flesh out the pitch into a complete script.

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