Does CW’s Batwoman Series Mean Arrow Is About to Say Farewell?

Though this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego has yet to open its doors, The CW has already made a lot of heads turn earlier with the announcement that it is actively developing a solo Batwoman live-action series, with plans for it to debut her introduction in the annual Arrowverse crossover event.

The news speaks to the confidence The CW has in the potential of Kate Kane’s costumed vigilante. The introduction of the Bat-family, in any capacity, has been a long time coming in the Arrowverse, and the idea that we may soon see a series set in Gotham City is exciting, to say the least.

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However thrilling the news might be, it does beg an important question: What does the show mean for The CW’s current superhero lineup? Mark Pedowitz, the President of the network, has said the channel won't ever feature more than four DC shows at any given time. So does the arrival of Batwoman mean we're about to lose a series? Perhaps -- there are signs the dawn of a show featuring a Caped Crusader is the signal that Arrow is coming to an end.

Arrow is the series that began it all. In 2012, the superhero show launched to fanfare and critical acclaim, the success of the series ushering in an entire line-up of comic book-based TV shows, two of which spun directly out of Oliver Queen's orbit: The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. With Supergirl now part of the roster, the number of CW superhero series is already at four.

There is also Black Lightning to consider, but that series, like Legends, is a shorter, mid-season affair, and it isn't technically a part of the Arrowverse (yet). Plus, the scheduling last season ensured that there were only four superhero shows airing at any given week. However, Batwoman will be firmly entrenched in the world Arrow built, as she's set to debut in this year's highly-anticipated crossover, before spearheading her solo show, and adding yet another show to The CW's schedule would upset the already precarious "four shows max" rule.

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