Batwoman Casts Three Major Characters

Batwoman Ruby Rose

With the pilot for The CW's upcoming Batwoman series set to start filming soon, new casting information has revealed which actors viewers can expect to join Ruby Rose's Kate Kane/Batwoman in her on-screen adventures in Gotham City.

According to Deadline, Meagan Tandy (Jane by Design, Teen Wolf), Camrus Johnson (Luke Cage) and Nicole Kang (You) have all boarded the forthcoming Arrowverse series in lead roles. They will play Sophie Moore, Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton, respectively.

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Moore is a decorated military academy graduate who later became a skilled, high-level private security agent. In the comics, Kate and Sophie were in a relationship during their time at West Point. Kate was ultimately forced to resign because of her sexual orientation and kept her involvement with Sophie a secret in order to prevent her from suffering the same fate.

Fox is the son of one of Bruce Wayne's closest allies: Lucius Fox. It is Luke who is tasked with keeping Wayne Tower secure in Bruce's absence. Additionally, he considers himself to be the guardian of Batman's legacy. That being said, he also understands Gotham's desperate need for a new hero (i.e. Batwoman.) Fittingly, in the comics, Luke eventually joined the Batman Family as Batwing.

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Hamilton is Kate's step-sister, whose upbeat, talkative personality makes the two polar opposites in just about every way. However, while Mary isn't nearly as straight-laced as Kate, she is still defined by her compassion for Gotham's disadvantaged citizens, making her more like Kate than she realizes.

There is currently no announced release date for the Batwoman series.

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