How Will Batwoman Be Introduced to the Arrowverse?

A few weeks ago, Arrow star Stephen Amell shook the collective DCTV fandom by revealing that the next Arrowverse crossover will feature the first live-action appearance of Batwoman. This will mark the first ever appearance of an official Bat-family character on any of The CW's current superhero shows, which is in and of itself a very big deal. Even more surprising is the fact that we're getting Batwoman rather than her more famous cousin Batman, which is a great way for all four series to continue to showcase strong female characters.

Kate Kane's caped vigilante has been a fan-favorite character ever since she made her debut in the comic books a decade ago -- a small amount of time compared to the publisher's characters who have been around for 75-plus years. Since this version of Batwoman is a fairly recent addition to the mythology, she doesn't have a background as storied and convoluted as most DC characters. Hers is a simpler, more streamlined origin, and since Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow have all featured characters whose origins mix a faithfulness to the comics and a modern streamlining, we have to wonder what type of beginning the television incarnation of Batwoman will receive.

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Will Batwoman Be Established Already?

Arrow and its various sister series have featured all manner of superheroes, from The Atom and Martian Manhunter to the Elongated Man and Hawkman. Some of these characters arrived on the scene fully established, while others debuted via their origin stories. So which will be the case for Batwoman? Will she feature in the crossover episode established as an established caped crusader, or will we see her go through an adventure that will lead to her becoming the newest member of the Bat-family?

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In the comic books, the modern version of Batwoman debuted in DC's weekly series titled 52. She surfaced in Gotham City during a time when Batman was missing, his absence creating a void that she took upon herself to fill. We would later learn that she was a soldier, and that her father helped train her into vigilantism after losing his wife and other daughter, Kate's mother and sister. This seems like a lot of ground to cover for one crossover event, meaning it's more than likely Kate will already be established as Batwoman when we first see her.

If the character is being brought into the crossover, it must be because she has a significant role to play in the story. Considering her origin story is more of a solo affair, the character would best be served as having been established as a superhero when she arrives on screen. This then leaves the door open for her return at a later time, in episodes that could flash back to her formative period.

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