Batwoman #7

Story by
Art by
Rob Hunter, Amy Reeder
Letters by
Todd Klein
Cover by
DC Comics

Six lives on converging courses that will change them forever...Batwoman, in a hidden lair beneath Gotham Harbor, faces a horde of monsters inspired by urban legends led by Falchion, an evil mastermind.Jacob Kane waits in agony for some sign of life.Kate Kane tries to enjoy new romance as the werebeast Abbot begs for her help.Maro, an enigmatic wizard, evokes an evil that all children fear: their own reflections in a darkened mirror.Detective Maggie Sawyer is caught in a turf war between The Werebeast Cult and The Medusa Syndicate.DEO Agent Cameron Chase struggles with a new operative who refuses to be controlled.It's all coming in "To Drown the World," part 2.

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