Batwoman #31

Story by
Art by
Jeremy Haun
Colors by
Guy Major
Letters by
Todd Klein
Cover by
DC Comics

"Batwoman" #31 wraps up the Wolf Spider storyline from Marc Andreyko and Jeremy Haun, and readers finally see what everyone's chasing, even as Batwoman closes in on her new foe. While a second showdown is no doubt coming up, for now it's a solid conclusion.

In many ways there aren't a lot of surprises here. Andreyko's storyline pitting Batwoman against Wolf Spider has been fun, but certainly not twisty. There's nothing wrong with that: with a straightforward storyline, it's meant that it gives Andreyko more time to focus on character and subplots. Considering the reported reasons for why J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman left "Batwoman," it's nice to see that for now the relationship between Kate and Maggie is not only going well, but that Kate's both listening to Maggie's advice as well as using her own resources to help Maggie out.

As for the Wolf Spider, slightly clunky name aside (at least it's not Killer Moth), he's not a bad villain. Andreyko's going at this point for a gentleman thief adversary, one that brings to mind some depictions of Catwoman. With his relationship unofficially revealed (not that Andreyko was particularly trying to hide it up until now), it's a good addition with him being someone very close to Batwoman. While the two will eventually need to spar again, for now it feels like a good wrap-up.

I'm enjoying Haun's art more and more each issue, which continues to present clean, easy to follow panels and pages. The big fight scene is smooth and easy to follow, and I like the nice physical chemistry that we're seeing between Kate and Maggie. With the opening splash even playing around just at tiny bit with panel border shape, it feels to me like that with time, Haun isn't adverse to experimenting a bit with his art too. For now, though, it looks good and dependable.

"Batwoman" #31 makes me feel like this comic is on the right track. Andreyko and Haun are having fun with the book, and so far, so am I. The art deco look from before is certainly missed, but this is a nice replacement. I'm sticking around, and so should you.

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