Batwoman #14

In "Batwoman" #14, J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman are halfway through "World's Finest," their team-up between Batwoman and Wonder Woman. Not only are these two women an excellent duo, but in general this storyline continues to be a sight for sore eyes.

Williams' art continues to impress, month after month. The beautiful Joe Kubert-inspired art at the end of "Batwoman" #13 continues here in the form of Pegasus, who is just as run down as in that first glimpse. What I found myself all the more impressed with here is how well Williams keeps Pegasus' look distinct and different from that of Batwoman, Wonder Woman or anyone else. With Pegasus we still have lots of crosshatching and careful, small lines. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Batwoman are both drawn in a smooth, clear, clean manner. Even smaller characters like Waylon are given their own look; the wrinkles and ragged crocodile skin of the character stands out as different than everyone else in the title.

And of course, Williams' dramatic two-page spreads are to die for. When Medusa's assault on humanity begins, it ends up being just that. Williams draws chaos and destruction well, no matter how the page is laid out. One spread might be a more traditional looking piece of art with lots of vertical panels overlaid onto a larger image; the next one is structured using panel borders to create an outline of Medusa's snake-haired head, with lots of little images contained within those lines. When Medusa unleashes her latest minion, well, let's just say that even if you guess what's coming it's still breathtaking.

Williams' and Blackman's story is good, too. Wonder Woman explaining to Pegasus how death is now final for his kind is a quietly understated but powerful moment. "The mortals worship athletes and actors now," is a perfect summation of the situation from Wonder Woman, and feels in character. Just as good is Batwoman's reaction to the deal that Wonder Woman and Pegasus cut for his cooperation; her little moment of, "I choose to believe" says a lot about her strength of character. And just because she's a guest-star doesn't meant that Wonder Woman gets short shrift. For all their differences, the admiration that Wonder Woman has towards Batwoman (and vice versa) comes across very natural thanks to Williams and Blackman, and makes me want more team-ups between the two in the years to come.

"Batwoman" continues to impress with this new storyline, even as it looks to wrap up everything that's been building since "Batwoman" #1. With three more issues to go for this story, though, I feel like the best is yet to come. It's a good time to be a "Batwoman" fan.

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