Battlestar Galsctica: The Final Five #1

While the critically acclaimed series may be coming to an end, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT enters 2009 with a series of new and exciting Battlestar Galactica comic book events!

Beginning with THE FINAL FIVE, a three issue event tying directly into the events of the final episodes of the series, Dynamite will continue to provide a home for great Galactica stories in 2009 and beyond!

The term "Final Five" collectively describes five of the twelve Cylon humanoid models whose identity, knowledge, or existence has been deliberately or accidentally lost to the seven other humanoid Cylon models. -- Battlestar Wikipedia

THE FINAL FIVE #1 (of 4) is overseen By Seamus Kevin (ORIGINS) Fahey and David Reed with the complete authorization of Sci Fi and the producers and features the back story of the Cylons, man and their current struggle against one another! Joining the writers is Galactica veteran Nigel Raynor, who also provide one of the two incredible covers! And to top it all off, Red Sonja and SUPER Zombies artist Mel Rubi is also providing an incredible cover!

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