<i>Battlestar Galactica's</i> Ron Moore Developing <i>A Knight's Tale</i> For TV

Ron Moore hasn't met with much success since Battlestar Galactica went off the air in 2009. Caprica was canceled after just two seasons, NBC never moved forward with his supernatural police drama 17th Precinct, and ABC is still sitting on his Western Hangtown. But it seems like his luck might be changing with a new series picked up by ABC.

Deadline is reporting that Moore will adapt the 2001 feature A Knight's Tale for the small screen. The website says "the series is expected to stay close to the premise and the style of the movie – it is described as a medieval fantasy incorporating modern music and themes that follows the journey of a young man who starts out impersonating a knight of the realm and ends up becoming one."

Hopefully ABC likes what Moore creates and ends up ordering a series off of it. Although it might seem like a strange choice to bring A Knight's Tale to television, Moore proved with Battlestar Galactica that he is a great storyteller who can comment on larger societal and political issues through the guise of a genre show. With A Knight's Tale being a name most people would recognize and think fondly of, this could be a perfect opportunity for him to add some commentary to the show's light, medieval setting.

A Knight's Tale, which starred Heath Ledger, Shannyn Sossamon, Alan Tudyk, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell and Mark Addy, told the story of a penniless squire (Ledger) who masquerades as a knight in order to win the prize at a jousting tournament. Along the way, he and his two companions (Addy and Tudyk) befriend Geoffrey Chaucer (Bettany) and a female blacksmith (Laura Fraser) to help him compete in tournaments against main contender Count Adhemar (Sewell). He also ends up meeting and falling in love with the beautiful Lady Jocelyn (Sossamon). The movie mixed a medieval backdrop with a modern rock 'n' roll mentality, and earned a modest $117.4 million in the worldwide box office.

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