<i>Battlestar Galactica</i> Spinoff Has A New Starbuck

The newly announced Battlestar Galactica prequel series -- titled Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome -- won't just focus on the early military service of William Adama; it'll also have a role for a new Starbuck.

Well, not literally. But in an interview with Hero Complex, Blood & Chrome producer David Eick said that the show will introduce a new character to the mythos that sounds an awful lot like the hard-headed Kara Thrace. Her name is Beka Kelly, and unlike Starbuck, she sounds like much more of a thinker and less of a fighter -- at least, that's what her job description suggests.

Eick describes of Kelly:

Blood & Chrome is loaded with new characters, but I’d say the most compelling and unusual is the woman with whom Adama connects most deeply in the pilot — Beka Kelly, an enigmatic, seemingly impenetrable software genius who gives Adama a run for his money in more ways than one. She’s definitely in the tradition of BSG’s and Caprica’s uniquely strong, remarkable female characters and will be a huge casting opportunity for someone out there, whom we look forward to discovering…

Eick has a whole lot more to say on the Battlestar prequel front, so check out the full interview if you're interested. While we're here, I just want to take a second and say that I'm completely psyched for Blood & Chrome, even if the same can't be said for everybody 'round these parts. I'm not the biggest Caprica fan, but I greatly enjoyed the scenes with young Adama in Razor and would love to see some elaboration on that in a new BSG project. Throw in a young Saul Tigh who may or may not discover who and what he really is (and then subsequently forget it so as to neatly tidy up the franchise's continuity) alongside a healthy helping of space-set aerial battles, and I'm totally frakkin' sold on a series that explores the First Cylon War.

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