Battlefront: Taking A Look At "Battle Hymn"

"What would the government have done if super-heroes really existed during World War II?"

Writer B. Clay Moore pondered that question last July when we spoke with him about his new mini-series "Battle Hymn," the first issue of which ships the end of February from Image Comics. Moore is joined on "Battle Hymn" by penciller Jeremy Haun and inker Ande Parks.

For Moore, "Battle Hymn" is something of a tribute to the Golden Age of super hero comics. "Since the day I started reading comics as a kid the entire history of comics has fascinated me, and the energy of the Golden Age super-hero comics was just insane," Moore told CBR News last July. "The number one problem with all retellings of World War II super-hero stories is trying to explain why the heroes didn't just blow into Germany and take out Hitler and his goons. Writers invariably come up with convoluted answers to that question, but in my story it's only a matter of time before one of the 'heroes' realizes there's no reason he shouldn't do just that. And that's when the shit really hits the fan."

For more on the series, including a run down of the characters and much more, read our original interview with Moore. Below you'll find the first eight, lettered pages of "Battle Hymn" #1. Click the images to enlarge.

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