15 Pieces Of Star Wars Concept Art That Almost Changed Everything

Before LucasArts closed its doors in 2013, there was a lot of hope for the game-making studio. At the time, LucasArts had numerous projects in development including Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars 1313, Darth Maul The Game, and Battlefront 3. Yes, a Darth Maul video game could've seen the light of day. The project fans didn't know LucasArts had in the pipeline, however, and possibly its most ambitious one to date, was Battlefront 4.

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Even before Battlefront 3's scheduled release date, the studio felt so confident in the platform that a fourth instalment was pushed into development. Unfortunately, the studio's shutdown left the game in development limbo. No one knows exactly how far into development Battlefront 4 was but we do know that it flipped the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy on its head. To be more specific, Battlefront 4 would've changed the original story-line by having Anakin kill Padme and Yoda. This change would've set in motion a turn of events that resulted in both Obi-Wan and Luke turning to the Dark Side. Concept art for the unfinished game teases what could've been and what still might be. For now, we've gathered together 15 of the best for you to look at and ponder over.


While the notion of Obi-Wan turning to the Dark Side is somewhat preposterous, it also... isn't. Considering how many losses Obi-Wan has had to endure, it's surely going to weigh on him at some point. Battlefront 4 shows us how losing his apprentice could've sent him over the edge; evidenced by Obi-Wan's Sith uniform above.

What's interesting about this alteration in Obi-Wan's story arc is that he technically should've gone dark after Revenge Of The Sith. Think about it, Obi-Wan witnessed his own apprentice turn to the Dark Side and the cause he fought for his entire life was all but dismantled. Reasonably speaking, that should've driven him to the Dark Side, but thanks to his overwhelming capacity to hope, things didn't play out that way in the actual film.


A smaller deviation from the main story-line would've seen Darth Vader receive an alternate costume. Several variations were proposed but all seem to lack that menacing quality featured in the iconic suit worn by Vader. Perhaps the two variants above were meant for a different Vader?

Battlefront 4 was intended to shift the story's direction with Anakin becoming Darth Vader under different pretences. He'd get there on his own but the path changed slightly. In turn, the tech and augmentations that went into Vader's original apparatus would change as well. Knowing that, a revision on Vader's suit makes sense. Keep in mind that the gold-accented version could also be a Darth Vader who has ascended to a more regal position. This image was called "Emperor Vader," after all.


Maybe we're in the minority of people who wanted this to happen but a Jedi Leia should've been introduced. Critics and fanboys will always argue that there was no room for another Jedi in the original trilogy but there was. Plus, Luke could've accomplished so much more if his sister was by his side during the events of Return Of The Jedi. She might've even been able to tip the balance in Luke's favor when he was confronted by the Emperor. Vader helped stop him but it came at the cost of his own life. Had Leia been there, the story we know may have ended on a happier note for the Skywalker clan.

Knowing all of that, Jedi Leia seems like a good idea. Of course, it's possible that Battlefront 4 had a different purpose for making Leia a Jedi. For all we know, the Leia of Battlefront universe took Luke's place as the Jedi hero. In that universe, both Luke and Obi-Wan turned to the Dark Side, so there's a pretty wide open vacancy for a Jedi hero; Leia being it.


The following variation on Darth Vader would've seen Star Wars: Battlefront 4 retcon the tragic event that led to Anakin Skywalker being scarred for life, solidifying his identity as Darth Vader. As you can see, the burns to his head and torso are no longer existent, nor have his other limbs been cut off; with the exception of the arm he lost to Dooku. There's no way to tell for sure but the lack of a suit seems to prove it.

In any case, a less injured Darth Vader would've created some serious problems for the Rebels. He'd already honed his abilities in Jedi training, then the increase in power he received by embracing the Dark Side just made him all that stronger. His mobility, or lack thereof, and his incredible constant pain (which he kept in check with the Force) were the only things hindering him from storming all their bases.


Another deviation Star Wars: Battlefront 4 could have taken with Leia saw her go down a darker path. In addition to Leia potentially becoming a Jedi, plans for her to join the Dark Side were also in the works. But, like most of these characters in this collection, the context around their identities remains unknown. Though, we can't help but wonder if this is at all related to Luke and Obi-Wan joining the Dark Side.

Losing Luke and then Obi-Wan in one fell swoop would've crippled Leia's psyche. She already had to come to terms with her adoptive parents' death; losing the only family she had left would be unbearable. Then, finding out her father is Darth Vader... well, it's a pretty safe bet that Leia would've joined up with him; he's her father after all. Of course, there's a chance Leia sided with Luke and Obi-Wan when her dark awakening took place.


Before Grievous augmented his body with cybernetic implants, he was part of the Kaleesh race, an alien humanoid type in the Star Wars universe. We never see what Grievous looks like before he became a cyborg but it's most likely similar to the concept art from Star Wars: Battlefront 4. The reptilian look of the Kaleesh matches up perfectly with past illustrations, and the war-bound robes are adequate as well.

Speculation aside, it's really too bad that Grievous didn't get more screen time. His introduction was one of the only redeeming qualities of the prequel trilogy. and he was kind of brushed off in the end. The animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series presented Grievous with a few more chances to appear but they didn't amount to much. The bad news is that an opportunity to delve into Grievous' past was overlooked and we never got to see what he looked like.


In the alternate universe of Battlefront 4, Chewbacca turned out to be not so heroic. Apparently, Chewbacca was enslaved at a young age, growing up in an encampment of some sort. The purpose of imprisoning Chewy was to create an efficient killing machine, one that could be controlled and put to task immediately.

The concept art for Evil Chewbacca depicts him with a control collar and several nifty mementos; one of them being a set of Wookie scalps. The scalps are of most interest because they confirm that Chewbacca is a cold-blooded killer in this universe. His kills could either come from commands or of his own volition, but to mutilate his own people is something else altogether. Nevertheless, an enslaved Chewbacca is bound to be a little messed up, especially if he's walking around with scalps.


The above piece of concept art depicts a revision of Anakin Skywalker. It's labeled "Redeemed Vader" but it appears as if this character is more like Anakin than Vader. His appearance tells us that he's already been in the brutal fight that left him limbless, but he's come out of it stronger. The apparatus he needs to breath doesn't conceal his face, showing a much happier man underneath. Vader chose to keep the helmet given to him by the Emperor but he could've gone with something else if he didn't want to hide his face.

Anakin also seems to be lacking a prosthetic on his left arm. The concept art shows that he has one on the right as a reminder of the past, so it's safe to assume the same can be said about his right. Living without a prosthetic would serve as a reminder of what led to him losing it. In turn, he'd know not to repeat that cycle.


At some point in the development of Battlefront 4, the developers concocted the idea of turning Darth Maul into a Jedi; the above concept art showing their vision for a more heroic take on him. It's similar to most Jedi attire but he's swapped out the black face designs for Jedi hair in one, and white accents in another. Other than that, not much else sticks out. Although, Maul's choice in lightsaber model does appear to have changed slightly.

As you can see, Maul no longer carries the doubled-edged type, he carries two individual hilts. The concept art doesn't feature the color of Jedi Maul's blade but it's a safe bet that it's not red. Only Sith who've bled a Kyber Crystal wield red lightsabers, meaning Maul's are most likely a base color like blue or green.


The Pièce De Résistance of this collection has to be Dark Luke Skywalker. At one time or another, every Star Wars fan has pondered over what Dark Side Luke would look like. Plenty of fan-made variants have been crafted over the years but nothing that falls into the canonical territory. Battlefront 4 on the other hand, had the closest thing to a Dark Side Luke in it.

In their portrayal of Luke, the tragic events of his family's past have pushed him over the edge. So much so that Luke's resolve has weakened enough for the Dark Side to lure him in. As a result, Luke heads down a much darker path, one that might've seen him battle it out with Jedi Leia. The question is, who would win in a battle of wills?


A different take on Darth Vader in Battlefront 4 would've seen him adopt a mash-up between the augmented suit he's known for and Jedi garbs. The design above shows us that he still would've used a practical apparatus for the breathing issues he suffered from, but Jedi robes are used in place of a robotic outfit.

The more interesting detail in this piece of concept art is the slightly grown back hair. Vader's head doesn't seem to be too badly damaged and his hair is actually growing again. This may be a result of an advanced medical procedure or a more beneficial use of the Light Side of the Force for healing. Another, perhaps more feasible explanation is that Vader just wasn't burned as badly in this universe. Either way, this take on Vader depicts him in a much better light.


If the idea of a Dark Side Luke wasn't enough to scare you, LucasArts intended to take the idea one step further by turning Luke into a Sith Lord. The design above shows the effects of the Dark Side and how it warped his appearance. The inspiration for this variation is based on Emperor Palpatine but one can't ignore the canny similarity to Supreme Leader Snoke.

It is highly unlikely, but in another universe, perhaps LucasFilms might've used Sith Lord Luke as a model for Snoke's design. Both Snoke and this dark version of Luke also seem to share the sunken eye look. We could spend all day discussing why they're similar but the most realistic explanation is that these features are attributed to anyone who undergoes the process of turning to the Dark Side.


For everyone who hoped Mace would return someday, he was going to, just in the Battlefront 4 video game. Designs for an evil version of Mace were drawn up before LucasArts shut down, and those drawings would've seen him return in an all-new role. Details surrounding Mace's return are still unknown but we can assume that it was intended to take place after Palpatine threw him out of a window in Revenge Of The Sith. The scarring on Mace's face and indistinguishable prosthetic hand in the concept add some credence to those claims.

Assuming Mace survived the fall and recuperated somewhere, it must've sent him over the edge. Unless the Jedi Order being dismantled was the cause, his fall from grace was likely caused...well, from his more literal fall. Of course, the bigger concern here is who Mace allied himself with after.


Okay, this one just seems preposterous, even for the Battlefront story-line. Count Dooku becoming a Jedi again is by far the most drastic change that could be taken with the Star Wars plot. In his short time on screen, he never once showed a single redeemable quality that could've led to a more righteous path than the one he already turned away from. However, another reason could be the reason Dooku chose another side.

In the Battlefront 4 game, the Emperor would've had more apt apprentices to call on. With both Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker choosing the Dark Side, they'd likely be considered more important than Dooku. And we all know that inadequate Sith are cast aside when a better apprentice is found. Therefore, it's safe to say Jedi Dooku never switched sides in the first place!


Obi-Wan's presumed turn to the Dark Side in Battlefront 4 would've also seen him become an influential leader in the Imperial Army. The piece in question depicts Obi-Wan in an amalgamation of several elements, the most prominent of which is the Imperial uniform. Aside from that, a Sith necklace was also thrown in to emphasize what side of the Force he stands on.

While it's still hard to believe Obi-Wan could ever become an Imperial Commander, the role makes sense. He has knowledge of battle strategies and is a skilled tactician, making him the ideal person to run things. The Emperor probably wouldn't relinquish his command, but allowing Obi-Wan to strategize for him would see the rebellion quashed in no time. Luckily, that hasn't happened in any form... yet.

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