Battlefields: Happy Valley Part 1 #1

Story by
Art by
PJ Holden
Colors by
Tony Aviña
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present the return of the acclaimed BATTLEFIELDS series by writer Garth Ennis! Beginning this month, with the debut of HAPPY VALLEY #1 (of 3), featuring art by Paul Jason Holden and series covers by Garry Leach!

England, January 1942: young Australian Ken Harding arrives at his first operational squadron, keen to play his part in the aerial attack on Germany as the commander of a bomber crew. Losses have been high and life expectancy is low, but Ken remains undaunted- until he meets his crew, a foulmouthed, battle-hardened bunch with no time for new boys who can't stand the pace. Together, they must take the war to the enemy over the most heavily-defended region of the Third Reich- the industrial heartland of the Ruhr, known to the men who face the flak and nightfighters as Happy Valley.

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