'Battle Pope' returns in June, Joe Casey contributes

Official Press Release

After a six month hiatus (not counting the Battle Pope Volume 2 TPBin March) Battle Pope is ready to take the comic shelves by storm. BattlePope: Wrath of God is a 3 issue bi-monthly mini-series that will beginshipping this June from Funk-O-Tron. The story picks up right where the Battle PopeChristmas Pope-tacular left off. While Mary was visiting her son and Pope'ssidekick, Jesus on his birthday, she and Pope had a few more-or-lessromantic interludes. Now God has found out, and he is not too happy. PopeOswald is about to find out what it's like to be on the Lord Almighty's badside... it's not a fun place to be. As Battle Pope creator/writer RobertKirkman can certainly testify.

"I've had to pick up frogs out of my lawn on more than a few occasions."Remarked Kirkman. "I'll be tossing in some of my personal mishaps with the"big G" into the story... for realism."

Filling out the other half of the Battle Pope team is regular artist, TonyMoore. He'll be penciling and inking the 24-page main story in each issue.By main story we mean the Battle Pope story... because each issue of BattlePope: Wrath of God is going to be a 40-page hunk of comic book goodnessfeaturing two complete back up serials.

First up is Chaser's Moon, arguably the most well received chapter from therecently completed Inkpunks: Quarterly anthology. Each issue of Wrath ofGod will feature a 6-page chapter of Chaser's Moon by the original creativeteam, writer Kimo and artist Pernilla Poblenz. Chaser's Moon is a worldwhere the industrial revolution didn't replace the supernatural and mythic,merely enhanced them. Genghis Khan has ruled as Emperor over the PacificRim Territories that compromise much of Asia Minor and Japan south of theTokyo Wall, for nearly nine centuries. When his only daughter disappearswithout a trace, Khan assembles a team of legends, myths, and forgotten godsto find her. They are the Chasers. His daughter's name is Moon.

"To be able to tell a story this grand in scale in 8 and 6 page chapters isa feat in and of itself" Says Kirkman "Kimo is a writer to keep an eye on.The tales he weaves are a wonder to behold... almost as dazzling asPernilla's art."

[Chaser's Moon]Now to get to the OTHER J.C., none other than teen heartthrob Joe Casey, I'dhave to draft another press release to list this guys accomplishments in thecomic industry. For info on his contribution to Wrath of God we conducted amini interview:

Funk-O-Tron: You've written the flagship characters for the top twocompany's in the industry... why on earth would you want to do a back up ina small press book that gets a fraction of the circulation?

Joe Casey: First of all, I've got two words for you: Creator-owned. Writingthe franchise characters is fun and always good for a subversive laugh. Buttrue, satisfying subversion lies in being in complete and utter control ofboth the concept and the work. Secondly, I was a big fan of the shortserials that appeared in British anthologies like 2000 AD and CRISIS (circalate 80's/early 90's). Some great alternative work appeared in thosemagazines, and there's never been an American equivalent. So, this kind offormat... eight page segments that make up a longer, continuing narrative...allows me to scratch that creative itch.

FoT: Why Battle Pope?

JC: The real question should be, "Why NOT Battle Pope?"

[Immigrant Song]FoT: What can fans of your other works find in Immigrant Song that theycan't get anywhere else from you? I.E. what's this thing about?

JC: I guess we'll all find out when the thing hits the stands. The realexcitement for me is that IMMIGRANT SONG is designed to be a sprawling epicserved out (for now) in eight-page chunks. The subject matter isappropriately twisted and iconic at the same time. My message to readers:whether or not the town of Bucksnort, Kentucky has any sort of resonance foryou, I hope you check out the series and see what all the fuss is about. Youwon't see inbreeding like this in other comic books...

FoT: You're obviously not putting this thing together on your own, not thatyou couldn't, but who rounds out the Immigrant Song team?

JC: The secret ingredient of doing quality work is picking the rightcollaborators. Jason Latour is drawing the hell out of this strip. He's gota unique style that really gives the material the right flavor (consideringits demented nature). My good friend (and HIP FLASK creator) RichardStarkings -- along with his fine COMICRAFT cohorts -- provides the usuallettering finesse that graces most of my work.

All this talent rolled into one 40 page package has got to be pretty priceywhen you get to the check out in this June, right? Not so, says publisherRobert Kirkman:

"In a world where larger publishers are releasing black and white 24 pagebooks at $3.50 is was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain BattlePope's standard of quality at the current price of $2.95. While talking toOlga, my printing rep at Quebecor, I found out that a page increase wouldnot cut in to profit margins a great deal, and it would allow me to featurecool back-ups in the books that would counteract the slight price increase."

As a result of his findings you'll be getting 24 pages of Battle Pope, 6pages of Chaser's Moon and 8 pages of Immigrant Song, for a measly $3.50!!!A steal at twice the price!!

Battle Pope: Wrath of God arrives in stores this June with a cover price of$3.50.

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