Battle Pope Christmas special hits shelves this December

Official Press Release

[Battle Pope X-Mas Spectacular]This year Funk-O-Tron is celebrating the holidays in style with the "Battle Pope Christmas Pope-tacular," a 48 page special hitting shelves in early December. "The religious aspects of Battle Pope pretty much demand a Christmas themed issue" remarked creator Robert Kirkman. "The story I had in mind fit pretty well in the current continuity, so I figured this was the year to do it."

From the solicitation:

Santa has seen better days. God condemning the entire planet has put him out of business (surely condemned kids aren't good enough for presents) and he is NOT happy about it. At the same time Jesus is depressed about all this holiday cheer overshadowing his birthday. They meet. They fight. It's Jesus vs. Santa NO HOLDS BARRED! Also featuring a visit from the Virgin Mary, and y'know Pope fights more demons. Holiday cheer for all!

This special issue also marks the return of original Battle Pope artist Tony Moore, who sat out the last few issues. "Tony's pages have been pouring into the studio over the last few weeks…" Kirkman declared. "…fans of his work on the original mini will flip when they see this book." Aside from the 38 page main story by Kirkman and Moore, there is a 5 page story by Shane (Braun) White and a 5 page story by Kirkman and Battle Pope: Shorts artist Cory Walker. This one has it all folks!

The Battle Pope Christmas Pope-tacular arrives in stores on December 5th with a cover price of $4.95, available in fine comic shops worldwide.

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