'Battle of the Planets #1' breaks 150,000

Press Release

Celebrations erupted at Top Cow when initial numbers for the debut issue of the Battle of the Planets revamp by Alex Ross, Munier Sharrieff, Wilson Tortosa and Udon Studios exceeded 150,000. Battle of the Planets #1 is set to ship into retail stores the second week of July.

"This was about twice what I had projected for initial sales of the book, so I announced the sales over the loudspeaker of our office when they came in and everyone cheered," says Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. "In this case, it was nice to be wrong."

"We're all really excited about the initial orders for Battle of the Planets," says Top Cow Editor-in-Chief David Wohl. "It's nice to see that the fans and retailers have as much faith in this as Alex, Munier, Wilson, Udon, and all of us at Top Cow have for this book! It's truly been a pleasure to work on and I hope it'll be just as much fun to read!"

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