<i>Battle: Los Angeles</i> Trailer Offers Revealing Glimpse Of The Action

The ad campaign for Battle: Los Angeles has been a real thing of beauty. Teasing as hell, but creative too. Between the posters, the 3-second micro-tease and the two trailers, we've gotten a great sense of the movie's tone without really seeing much of anything from it. That all changes today.

The newly released Battle: LA trailer unleashes much more than just brief flashes of the alien invasion action. Aaron Eckhart is all over this thing and, for the first time, we're getting a sense of how the story might unfold and the gritty, on-the-ground feel of the movie's action. I'm loving it, personally. The aliens are still indistinct blobs in the background, but they look plenty menacing and they shoot tight clusters of human race-destroying missiles... which is badass. You also get to see some of the lovely Michelle Rodriguez, and that never hurts.

Snippets of dialogue reveal that these aliens are invading Earth for conquest: seems they want to wipe out the indigenous population (read: Us) and settle in here. Independence Day went there of course, though something tells me a computer virus isn't going to be what brings these suckers down. More like a concerted global military strike. Hey wait... that's in ID4 too!

Actually, Battle: Los Angeles has been described in reports as a character-driven movie, relatively small in its scope. We follow a group of soldiers defending against the invasion in LA. While the alien forces wreak havoc across the planet, our attention will be focused on a single platoon and their efforts to keep the fight going. Sounds -- and looks, thanks to this trailer -- like a helluva good time. Battle: Los Angeles opens on March 11.

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