<i>Battle: LA</i>'s Director To Direct <i>Clash 2</i>

Jonathan Liebesman had been confirmed as the director for the sequel to this year's surprise hit remake of Clash of The Titans, based on the strength of his as-yet unreleased alien invasion flick, Battle: Los Angeles. And a new director isn't the only change for the second installment.

The Heat Vision blog reports that Clash 2 will respond to complaints about the first movie's 3D process by shooting in 3D as opposed to relying on post-production upgrading, and has a story from Green Lantern's Greg Berlanti, The Flash's Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson, the man behind the script for Red Riding Hood, the upcoming retelling of the classic fairy tale starring Amanda Seyfried; Mazeau and Johnson are co-writing the script.

Casting has not been confirmed, but both Sam Worthington and Gemma Atherton are expected to return for the second feature, which is likely to shoot next year.

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