BATPOD BEGINS: Hi-Res Images of "The Dark Knight's" New Wheels

The LA Times reported yesterday on the creation of the Batpod, a new vehicle to debut in 2008's "Bamtan Begins" sequel, "The Dark Knight." The Batpod is a renamed Bat-cycle, and is characterized by the Los Angeles Times as "so outrageous it's hard to believe it was even built." The bike is actually equipped with grappling hooks, cannons, machine guns, and its front and rear tires – each of which contain an engine-- are a very large 508 millimeters -- approximately the same size as those of the Batmobile AKA the Tumbler, perhaps indicating a relationship between the two vehicles (anyone remember the Batmissile from "Batman Returns?")

The Batpod was designed by Tumbler creator Nathan Crowley and was built "for real" by Chris Corbould, who will not reveal what sort of engine the Batpod employs, nor what it cost to create Batman's latest vehicle.

"I can't tell you," Courbould told the LA Times. "I haven't even told the producers."

"The Dark Knight" is released July 18, 2008. Click the images below form high-resolution versions.

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