Batman's Thoughts on Refugees

This is "Just a Reminder," when I look back at comic book history whenever I think there's something worthwhile to look back at on in connection with things going on today.

With the recent news regarding the President's executive order curtailing refugees, I thought it worthwhile to look back at a Public Service Announcement that DC put into their comic books back in 1949, following World War II, when the United States was also dealing with a good deal of refugees coming into the country from war torn countries.

Here it is, from 1949's "Batman" #57 (by Jack Schiff and Win Mortimer)...

(Click here to enlarge the image)

A couple of years back, Albert Ching also spotlighted a similar PSA from eleven years after this one where Superman also dealt with refugees as part of the United Nations' " World Refugees Year" in 1960, which celebrated the closing of the last refugee camps from World War II (it's quite sobering to realize that the refugee camps were around until the freakin' 60s!).

Anyhow, Batman speaks wise words. Listen to him, folks!

And hey, if you'd like to support a group that believes in the same things Batman does, check the ACLU out here.

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