Batman's Foes Take Charge in Legion of Collectors Promo

Legion of Collectors Batman Villains

"Batman's" enemies are the stars of the animated teaser for Funko's next DC Legion of Collectors mystery box, and, and boy are they out for revenge. Adorable revenge.

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The vinyl Pop! villains have the caped crusader exactly where they want him in the 30-second short — hanging bound from a rope dangling over vats of mysterious green smoking liquid. But despite taunts from Joker and Catwoman, the Dark Knight avoids a dunking when a Two-Face drops his coin and pulls a lever to bring the Legion of Collectors Batman villains box crashing down instead.

While the exact contents of the box are, of course, a mystery, the Legion of Collectors website assures fans it contains DC Comics and Funko collectibles valued at $50. Previous boxes have included T-shirts, limited-edition DC comic books, pins, badges and, of course, exclusive Funko figures.

However, if you want to grab one, you will have to move fast: The deadline for the Batman Villains box expires at midnight PST on Nov. 1. That's tomorrow, mind you.

Funko and DC partnered in January to launch the Legion of Collectors subscription box service, a year after the company teamed with Marvel Comics for Marvel Collector Corps.

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