Batman's cover of Dethklok may be too metal for you

This may not be the best thing you're likely to see all week, but it's pretty close. Because how often do you get to witness an animated Dark Knight, backed by the band Children of Batman -- Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin -- rocking out to Dethklok's "Face Fisted"? Not often enough, I'd wager.

Created by ArhyBES, the "Batmetal" short also features cameos by Bane, Poison Ivy, Alfred, Brother Eye, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Superman, Harley Quinn and a host of others. Oh, and Batman's butt and jiggling crotch. So between that and the dicey language, this video probably isn't safe for most workplaces.

(via io9.com, Geeks Are Sexy)

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