Batman, X-Men 3, Catwoman, Spider-Man 2: February 4th Comic Reel Wrap


Adam West will be voicing the Mayor of Gotham City in a new animated Batman series, according to his website. Sources report that the series, which will run on Cartoon Network and Kids WB, will feature a younger Batman than the caped crusader currently seen on the "Justice League" animated series.


There's a new RealMedia trailer for the Christian super hero movie, and the filmmakers report that it has completed principal photography.


The Bradenton Herald talked to veteran actor Patrick Stewart, who said that the next mutant-themed sequel will be forthcoming. "X-Men 3 should come out in 2005," Stewart said. The Herald claims that "he hoped the franchise continues for several more films," and noted numerous comments he made about not returning to the Star Trek franchise.


Hollywood North Report has three new images from the set of the Halle Berry action film, and are allegedly from the tail end of filming, with Berry in the finalized costume.


Co-producer Grant Curtis has been blogging up a storm on the official site, discussing his time spent reading a mountain of Spidey comics for research purposes and wrapping production on miniature work at Sony's Stage 30 in Culver City. About the shooting, Curtis said, "Without betraying key story points of the film, we have a scene in which Spidey and Ock square off in an enormous structure. Since there were elements of the confrontation Sam Raimi and his team of storyboard artists designed that we were unable to shoot on the full-scale set due to physics and safety concerns for the cast and crew, we built a quarter-scale miniature, later sardonically dubbed a 'maxiture' due to its proportionate size, to achieve the necessary photography."


It's official -- Chris Cooper will not be in the new Chris Nolan Bat film. He told the website The Scarlet Carpet, "I read the script and decided the substance of the script and the character was not up to what I expected," said Cooper.


It seems like Ben Stein will be reprising his role as Dr. Arthur Newman. A scooper wrote in to Superherohype that Stein was scheduled to speak at University of California at Davis, but had to "push back the date due to his schedule for his role in the film sequel to the 1994 movie The Mask." Stein is filming in Australia and will make his UCD appearance on February 20th.


The WB has released information on their sweeps stunts for the hit show, including spoilers about the ongoing conflict between the Luthors and Clark's love life. Also, Zap2It has an interesting interview with John Glover about his role as Lionel Luthor. "There are no restrictions about where he can go or what he can do," Glover said. "I just saw the ad for 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' today, and it had Viggo Mortenson in a crown. I was thinking, Lionel should have a crown. He should also have a screening room and close himself in to watch 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy -- maybe have Lex come to talk to him once, kind of disturb him in the middle. There he'd be, sitting with a cape and a crown, just watching."


DVD Answers reports that Fox has "delayed the director's cut of Daredevil until next year. The film, which stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner was originally scheduled for a release in its uncut form this coming April. The disc itself is expected to introduce a number of new scenes (including the ones with Coolio) as well as an all new commentary with writer/director Mark Steven Johnson."


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