Batman Writer Tom King Details Plans for the Remainder of His Run

Ever since DC relaunched its line of comics with DC Rebirth in 2016, writer Tom King has been at the head of the Batman title alongside such artists as David Finch, Tony S. Daniel and Mikel Janín. The writer and his rotating team of artists have guided the Dark Knight through the arrival of super-powered siblings Gotham and Gotham Girl, the War of Jokes and Riddles, a confrontation with Bane and an engagement with Catwoman -- among other bat-things.

King recently revealed that he had reached the halfway point of his run on the title, a run that would reach its conclusion around issue 100. The Batman title's most recent story is bound to conclude, at which point a new storyline will begin. Well, on his personal Twitter account, the DC scribe revealed in detail what we can expect from the remainder of his run on Batman, from issues #60 to 105.

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Per the writer's tweet, tomorrow's issue #60 will conclude the "Cold Days" storyline, which started back with issue #51, following the big wedding event that saw Catwoman reluctantly leave Bruce Wayne at the (rooftop) alter. Then, issues #61 to 69 will feature a new storyline titled "Knightmares," which King describes as an "epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman."

It should be noted that the "Cold Days" arc, which saw the Dark Knight deal with the fallout of his engagement with Catwoman, has already been scraping at the soul of Batman. Not only is the character dealing with love lost, he is also dealing with the near death of Nightwing, all while his relationship with Commissioner Gordon is being pushed to a possible breaking point. So how worse can things get?

Following the conclusion of "Knightmares," issues #70 to 74's storyline will be called "The Fall and the Fallen," which certainly sounds ominous. King is systematically chipping away at Batman, and with such a title, we may see the Caped Crusader fall further than ever before.

Finally, King reveals that issue #75 will be the start of "a huge Bat event with a secret name that sets us up for the end at 105." This is the first we are hearing of this mysterious Batman-centric event, and it sounds like its ramifications will be what propels the conclusion of King's overarching, epic storyline.

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The latest issue of King's run on the title, Batman #60, is out tomorrow. The issue is drawn by artists Mikel Janín and Jorge Fornes.

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