Wonderbat: 24 Hilarious Batman and Wonder Woman Memes

Batman was first published in 1939, Wonder Woman made her debut in 1941, they’ve been dancing around each other since the beginning. Out of the Trinity at the top these two opposing points of the triangle have a conflicted relationship that pushes against itself, uncomfortably and excitingly. This is visible their work, either as members of the Justice League or necessary team-ups, or their personal life, romantically and in the friend zone. Bruce Wayne and Diana of Themyscira were raised very differently and view the world differently even though they usually fight for the same ends. The Dark Knight’s use of fear and anger to maintain his version of justice will always run up against Wonder Woman’s coalition building fight for hope and peace.

Romantically, the two ship so well together mostly out of a dark sense of forbidden love. The two islands are so far away from each other they’d struggle to connect, neither one of them really has the tools to reach out well and build bridges in personal relationships. Yet heroes they remain, nonetheless. For a few moments, reflect on the finer points of their one on one dynamic, and sum it all up, with 25 Batman and Wonder Woman Memes.


Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine both in this meme and in 2017’s Wonder Woman will always be an important part of Diana’s romantic life, but Batman is the hero and eventual partner for Wonder Woman here. This meme seems to imply that Steve Trevor isn’t quite as just or righteous as the Dark Knight, but that’s technically true of everyone. The reasons Diana (the Gal Gadot version and every other version) has to move on come to more than that.

When the two meet, they’re thrown into a whirlwind of new experience and adventure with only each other for support. It’s natural that Steve and Diana formed their relationship, and fortunately for them and us, it was a beautiful thing to see. But Wonder Woman may deserve to learn more of love than a charming tryst with the first man she’s ever met.


Who wouldn’t kill to have these two full of their favorite morning beverage? Perfect for both newlyweds and the nearly divorced. No confirmation or denial on whether or not these ceramic super friends will actually converse with each other when no one else is around. Honestly, if those two superheroes were transformed into coffee cups, romance aside, the smart money’s on them escaping somehow. They’ve gotten out of worse scrapes than this.

This meme, aside from its crude lobotomy humor, also summons the image of Bruce Wayne and Diana No-Real-Last-Name sitting down for the their shared morning meal. When they can find the time, of course. Reading the paper, crosswords, waffles. Trading gripes about how ridiculous criminals can be and how resilient super villains always are. Even superheroes have got to drink coffee.


While domesticity is definitely the wrong word, Batman’s corner of the DC Universe has definitely adopted a family dynamic that lends the Dark Knight quite a bit of charm. This meme depicts the Caped Crusader as a slightly aggrandized patriarch at the front of a flying-V of sidekicks, and the sentiment rings loudly. Let alone talking about Batman and Wonder Woman’s breakfast habits, how would her introduction ripple around the entire network of Gotham vigilantes?

These are questions better asked than answered, maybe. The story hasn’t been written, in alternate universe or main canon, where Wonder Woman develops so deep a relationship with Batman that it has an impact on his larger support group. One mustn’t shy from the dream, however, of a Tom King-esque run that replaces Catwoman with Diana, and that conversation has to be had amongst the family.


As fans were reminded at the end of the most recent Wonder Woman film, until she acquires her invisible jet, all the Amazonian princess can do is leap from tall building to tall building to chase down crime, a habit she has in common with Batman. Diana’s not swooping through the midnight like the Dark Knight is infamous for, but this meme raises the scenarios of long nights on quiet stakeouts. Humphrey Batman takes a predictably sour attitude toward Diana’s brightness, but their Cloak and Dagger routine (the Marvel characters, not the idiom) works so well, it’s what makes readers and watchers keep shipping Wonder/Bat.

This scene in particular comes from Justice League Unlimited episode “This Little Piggy”, but don’t forget, while their banter may be playful in off moments like the one pictured, these two heroes have complimentary power sets that make them almost unstoppable.


What kind of perfume and cologne do superheroes wear anyway? What scent does a billionaire like Bruce Wayne opt for? What concoction of smells can Diana tolerate? Maybe for her, something based in essential oils. Everyone of us fans would like to believe supers have the confidence, self-image, and basic hygiene not to trouble with frivolous olfactory aesthetics. However, an undercover occasion like the one pictured in this meme is one of the reasons your favorite heroes might need to class it up. Comic book heroes are also people, so even if it’s not Bruce Wayne going to a fancy gala, it could be Barry Allen, sliding on some deodorant before a full work day.

Speaking of work, any American superhero enterprise is going to come with capitalistic endeavors on the side. Even if it’s not necessarily Wayne Enterprises getting into the superhero fragrance business, wouldn’t put it past Booster Gold.


Even Batman can be subject to a little vanity; this meme depicts his displeasure on learning the Rotten Tomatoes score for Wonder Woman’s 2017 cinematic debut. Director Patty Jenkins brought Diana, princess of Themyscira to the screen in fine fashion, telling the hero’s origin story and WWI era battle against Ares, god of war. Audiences responded to Gal Gadot’s performance remarkably well, and the themes of love and fighting for peace landed throughout the film.

In contrast, the fan reception to the latest iteration of cinematic Batman has scored nowhere near as high on Rotten Tomatoes. Batman v. Superman, by way of example, is currently at a Tomatometer reading of 27%. Instead of being displeased, the big screen version of the Dark Knight needs to pivot his efforts elsewhere.


This meme sums up the general attitude, both of the team’s reaction in this battle, and of audiences and long time fans watching Justice League (2017). It didn’t seem like any of the heroes knew what they were doing in the movie until it finally dawns on them and they execute their plan perfectly. It didn’t seem like any of the audience members knew what they were watching until the movie tipped its entire hand in the beginning of the second act.

In another way, Justice League was a very good Flash movie. Ezra Miller plays the Fastest Man Alive in his early years, post lightning strike. His arc is set up in several different places and his character goes on an emotional journey of his own, and in the end the movie tells a great story of Barry Allen’s first mission. It was just Batman who didn’t fare so well.


This meme presents a Batman-eyed view the traditional male-female relationship, but it can be adapted for any couple and it wouldn’t make any more sense. For those times in one’s life when they feel like all they embody all the corny parts of Adam West’s Batman, it can feel like life, and your significant other’s family members, are filled with the characters of Gotham, and each of them is as impermeable as the next.

It’s a shame that that special someone’s father or brother may feel like the villain. Ra’s al Ghul and the Joker, especially Ledger’s, can be pretty tough to face. But keep in mind that down there in the lower right corner, that’s still Batman. Against Ben Affleck and Christian Bale in suits, it may seem like it’s insane for anyone to think they’ve got a shot in the world at anything they desire. Just keep on being Batman.


If there’s anyone who won’t cower before Batman’s intimidation techniques it’s Wonder Woman, as this meme illustrates. The two strong willed heroes are leaders, each in their own right, it would be challenging to see them work through conflicts that come with high stakes.

As far as the comics go, Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones’ Hikateia graphic novel pits Batman directly against Wonder Woman, as they argue over the fate of a criminal that looks to Diana for asylum. A meme joked about justice earlier, but the characters view crime and punishment in very different ways, Batman will always go for the hardline in favor of public safety even at the cost of civil rights, at times. Wonder Woman is a warrior for human dignity and liberty. This meme, Casablanca reference and all, nods to a larger conversation between the two titans.


The Justice League movie set the two up as leaders of the new team, and this list referred to the two as Mom and Dad above, but most of the stories of the two heroes have explored their friendship and teamwork dynamics.

Batman has taken the team leadership role more often, using his skills of strategy and detection to lead the fight against evil elements. Diana, on the other hand, is probably the more effective people manager. The Dark Knight’s growl will spur a team on and give it a sense of backbone, like a Wolverine type would. But as an Amazon and Themysciran princess, Diana is a slightly more natural leader and places a higher premium on empathy. Along with their romance, these two’s professional lives leave a lot to be explored as well.


Before Tolkein fans get all up in arms about the differences between high and low art, bear with this hypothetical for a second. What if Batman and Wonder Woman had been a part of the Fellowship? Keep all of the original nine, add two, make it Frodo’s Eleven.

This meme implies that the story would turn into a tale about Batman and Wonder Woman’s trip into Mordor, carrying the one ring into Mount Doom. Not necessarily. Maybe add Wonder Woman to the Sam, Frodo, Gollum, storyline, and have Batman fighting alongside Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. Everything else would mostly stay the same. With these two character additions, those movies could have been twice as long as they turned out, and would have paced more than twice as fast as they did.


This meme is correct that everyone should be wary of acting like a third wheel, and Batman’s glare here is sending questionable signals, but Aquaman is also long time friend to both, so in this case, three just as likely could be company. Whether he’s drawn as the brooding, underwater loner, bonding with Batman, or the gregarious nation builder, more Diana’s speed, Aquaman is that friend that’s really good at reflecting what’s great about his closest companions.

In the latest Justice League movie, Aquaman, along with Batman and Wonder Woman made up the core of the team, but he’s often been kept down in relegation status. There are a lot of things you can talk to Superman about; for everything else, try Aquaman.


This needn’t tailspin into gender stereotypes or talk of chromosome counts, but the state of emotional dialogue between the sexes has decayed to the point to make this meme applicable in some cases. More powerful is the difference in the two characters and how they deal with their inner conflicts.

Bruce Wayne, the orphaned human being, has shrivelled into an all but complete metamorphosis toward the Batman, and while he’s found some camaraderie there, he still struggles notoriously with the slightest heartfelt vulnerability. Wonder Woman on the other hand, comes from a far more stable place of royalty, parentage and, while sheltered, an environment full of love. The results: a human being, and a guy with the emotional range of a Lego.


Ah, the dulcet bickerings of couples just a little bit too much in love with each other. Batman would be an undeniably neglectful partner, but don’t let Wonder Woman slide into the role of nagging girlfriend, she wouldn’t put up with his attitude. If they ever did make an earnest try of a relationship, if any project deemed their love story worth exploring, it would likely end due to interactions like these.

Bruce Wayne, despite Tom King’s engagement run on the Batman title right now, is usually depressingly inaccessible to tenderness and care. Heartbreaking scenes of Batman deeming Diana a distraction from his mission to protect Gotham, and long bouts of him giving her the silent treatment rank as the floor of this Mr. and Mrs. Smith redux, without any humor or chemistry, and an unhappy ending.


The dynamic between these two poles of mainstream superheroism was really fostered in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, in which Wonder Woman would, from time to time, cast glances at Batman like the one featured in this meme. Batman was mostly immune to these subtle hints except for the few occasions when the two share a dance, pretend to kiss, or when Batman saves Diana from being permanently transformed into a pig.

What it will take for Bruce Wayne to make room for love in his life is always what’s going to keep him from being a complete person, but it’s what fuels his insatiable desire to go out there and be hero for his city. Whether or not Batman’s an effective sacrifice for Gotham will always consume more of Bruce Wayne’s heart and unfortunately for Wonder/Bat shippers, the comics pages.


Even superheroes shouldn’t physically fight over relationships, but if it were a legitimate cause, Batman vs. Wonder Woman is a tough call. One instinct says to never count out Batman, but instantly one is reminded that he’s still a mere mortal compared to Wonder Woman. Diana, princess of Themyscira is a trained warrior Amazon, with speed that rivals the Flash, and strength that rivals Superman. There was also that time she punched Batman all the way to the moon. And the fact that of all the Justice League members, Wonder Woman is the only one he hasn’t figured out a weakness for.

On the other hand, Batman had defeated Darkseid, and Superman. He met his match though in Hiketeia, for one example, the book mentioned earlier by Rucka and Jones which featured a battle between the two. Wonder Woman came out the victor there in several skirmishes.


A theme continues to take shape as Batman is seen running away from Wonder Woman. Literally, this time, at least in Lego facsimile. The lasso of Hestia would have a huge role to play in any relationship. One doesn’t even need to know about Batman’s past actions to be sure he’s in trouble at the fictional conclusion of this meme.

Wonder Woman’s trust issues and feelings of solitude have been covered lightly in Greg Rucka’s Rebirth run where she tries to reconcile her origin story. Having a magic lasso like that also brings to mind some possibilities for a morality tale on the relationship. There’s a Black Mirror episode in there somewhere about a woman who always wants her partner to tell her the truth but eventually winds up sorry to learn what she wished for.


The Watchmen crossover into the primary DC Universe is already underway but their trip to the mainstream dimension may be short lived after the Doomsday Clock maxiseries. Rorschach, new and old, shares a kinship for Batman’s procedural detective skills and detached analysis of the human condition. Wonder Woman feels like a character who would be at home on the Watchmen team, or even the Minute Men, she could fold right into a story with those guys. Fans will have to wait to see how the two universes are ultimately blended.

Another portion of the readers of this meme might be seeing a modified Batsignal. Any criminal, big small, street level mob boss or cosmic terror, who sees this signal in the sky will cower in fear of a new dynamic duo. This version carries a more equal representation as well.


Another holiday card from an updated Bat-family. This one featuring the Dark Knight, the Amazonian demi-god, and what looks like the Dick Grayson Boy Wonder. Of the whole family, it’s probably Dick who would welcome Diana’s hypothetical addition to the inner circle the most. He’s always been the more light hearted of he and Batman, and more likely to be open to a change that adds more love and support to Bruce’s life.

The Robin everyone would have to worry about is Damian. If anyone wanted to tell an emotionally vulnerable story, perhaps an extreme one, they could introduce Diana Prince into a significant role with his father. So far in the comics, he’s reacted well to Catwoman coming into the picture, but it easily could have gone another way.


It’s not just this shot, even though the filter exaggerates it, that cowl did look pretty granular on screen, Diana makes a good point here. It would be nice to think that Wonder Woman could increase the design sensitivity to Batman’s look, his suit, even the cave. How about a curved line here and there? Take a break from all the sharp angles.

Material aside, this latest batcowl, (the one that appears here is covering up Ben Affleck) does embrace the short ears. Ears that short haven’t been on Batman in a long time, but they’re far more practical. Instead of putting two spears on the top of his head, which real bats don’t even have, go with the understated horns that that can still plausibly house a radio, or communications headpiece of some kind.


Assuming these two are capable of functional relationship for any period of time, they do create a match up problem for any villain they face. They’re each formidable opponents on their own, well rounded warriors with few weaknesses, but the extras combine to make some really interesting pairings. He’s a detective, she carries a lasso of truth. He’s a hero of one city, tied to it in codependency, she’s a former princess, exiled from her homeland. He uses Batman to escape his true identity and confront the horrors of the world as a symbol, she acts like a symbol but uses that role to enter the world and stand against the evil that threatens it.

For an example of their teamwork, take Liam Sharp’s Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman miniseries, source of the art featured in the Mordor meme above. This six issue arc tracks the two on a case to solve the murder of a high king in the Celtic faery land of Tir Na Nog.


No, it’s not really obvious to anyone else that that's Plastic Man either. The scenario playing out in this meme isn’t quite clear from the stated text. One option, this is Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, aka Plastic Man’s first introduction the Justice League and Wonder Woman, and it’s going horribly. Or maybe there’s a Halloween trick or treat skit going on and it’s really a kid in a costume.

This and more is the problem with Lego representations of comic book characters. It may not be a popular stance, but the Lego movie gimmick has just about jumped the shark. Lego figure representations, while functioning as highly effective commercials to sell toys, go a long way to reduce characters to caricatures, in some cases sacrificing depth for absurdist mirth. It sounds radical, and when it comes to art, usually more is better, but a Lego Plastic Man, basically a spoof on a spoof, may take it a step too far.


Reductive to say the least, coming hot off the heels of a takedown of a gimmicky Lego movie, this meme reduces the two characters to their most central conflict. Try as he might, Bruce Wayne can’t help but seek to fill the emptiness inside him with his hunt for justice. Diana of Themyscira is a demi-goddess, bringer of peace and light to all the world.

When she fights for justice, she does it because she can’t tolerate those she loves being hurt. When Batman fights for justice, it’s because he takes all threats to Gotham as personal attacks. What it says about readers and loyal fans that love both of the heroes is a greater comment on that dichotomy that pulls in everyone. The yearning for attachment, and then the fear that fuels the detachment. The fact that both heroes lean in all the way makes them thrilling to follow.


Aside from Liam Sharp’s miniseries, the last time fans saw these two heroes on screen was in 2017’s Justice League, in which Batman persuaded Wonder Woman to team up, resurrect Superman, and protect some powerful objects from being taken by Darkseid’s lieutenant, Steppenwolf.

Gal Gadot’s Diana came off like a seasoned military officer with a heart of gold, as she did in her first movie, and as she’s expected to expand on in Wonder Woman 2, coming in 2019. Ben Affleck’s Batman was slumping a fair amount in this movie. Whether it was the performance or the role, the hero’s heart just wasn’t in it. Batman’s demeanor throughout all of Justice League gave the impression Bruce Wayne had spent the last two years on a research station in Antarctica, and just came out for this mission. His future is unclear to say the least.

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