Batman: 10 Reasons Why His Justice League Teammates Can’t Stand Him

Even though the DC Comics vigilante is a prominent member of the superhero team, the entire Justice League has more than a few reasons why they just cannot stand being around Batman. For personal reasons, the caped crusader refuses to be a team player and just wants to work alone during a special mission. Rather than count on someone else and ask another person for help, Gotham City's protector prefers to act solo because he can only rely on himself. Because Batman becomes so unbearable at times, the members of the Justice League are beyond reluctant to even work side by side with him.

The world's greatest detective suffered a major loss at such a young and innocent age. After witnessing the death of his loving parents, Bruce Wayne decided to hide his grief and inner pain. Even though Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth have stuck around, Bruce simply chose to withdraw himself from the rest of the world. It is important to understand Bruce's psychology, as the playboy billionaire prefers to be anti-social and neglects to share his feelings with others, including his own adopted children. His inability to communicate and work well with others started after the Wayne murders.

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10 He's Been Spying On Them

Even though the caped crusader has fought with the Justice League and vanquished their enemies, he still doesn't trust them. In Justice League: Tower of Babel, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Howard Porter, the superhero team discovers an unwanted truth about the Dark Knight. Batman has been secretly keeping tabs on his teammates and making extensive notes on their every move. Breaking their trust, Batman has tons of hidden records about the strength and weaknesses of his super-powered allies. Everything was sadly revealed when Batman's secret files were stolen by Ra's al Ghul.

9 He Endangers Children

In Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder, the Justice League voiced their own issues about the dark night and his violent actions. Even Superman had personal concerns about Batman training a young and decent boy to be his sidekick. Because Batman lives dangerously, Robin's life is also in jeopardy. Batman taught the Boy Wonder how to be aggressive and ruthless against the Green Lantern. The dynamic duo painted their costumes and an entire room in yellow because the green ring has no effect on that certain color.

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8 He Keeps His Real Name A Secret

During the New 52, in the Wonder Woman Annual,  Batman and Superman teamed up to learn more about the immortal Amazon warrior. Because she doesn't like being spied on, Wonder Woman ordered them both to place their hands on her Lasso of Truth. Since the lasso is able to extract certain facts from people's mouths, Superman is unable to hide his secret identity and reveals both names, Clark Kent and Kal-El. Though Batman was able to keep his real name hidden, he was furious that the special lasso looked deep into his heart.

7 He Always Has To Win

The worst thing to happen to Gotham City was when the disastrous earthquake during the epic crossover event No Man's Land. When Gotham became a lawless and devastated wasteland, Batman had to be the only one responsible for saving the innocent citizens and repairing the extensive damage. Egotistical in his self-righteousness, Batman refused help from Superman, especially when the bridges collapsed and left the city quarantined from the rest of the world. Desperate for a win, Batman sided with Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor, who was the president during the financial crisis.

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6 He's Known For Fighting Dirty

Batman really likes to fight dirty, especially when he knows his opponent's weakness, and it shows in Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's classic The Dark Knight Returns. Knowing Superman's weakness is kryptonite, the frail and elderly Batman decides to strike the Man of Steel in hand-to-hand combat.

First, the Green Arrow fires a kryptonite-tipped arrow to weaken Superman. Cheating Superman from using the full strength of his powers, Batman decides to use his own fists and delivers an epic beatdown.  To add insult to the injuries Superman is receiving, Batman decides to bind his eyes with a spray of acid.

5 He Has To Sign Off On Everything

In the pages of Justice League Volume 1: Origin, Hal Jordan learned the hard way during The New 52 era that Batman is very possessive of Gotham City. Even during an alien invasion, the Dark Knight mocked Hal's superpowers, referring to his glowing green ring as a flashlight. Batman warns the Green Lantern to stay away from his city and return to Coast City and abruptly leaves in mid-conversation as Hal explains how Green Lantern Corps protects the universe.  This is why the Green Lantern Corps needs to ask permission first from Batman before they can enter Gotham.

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4 He Has Villainous Counterparts

In Dark Knights: Metal, Batman's investigations into the multiverse, a group of multiple universes, took an unexpected and dark turn for the worst. The caped crusader discovered there are actually seven evil versions of himself from the dark multiverse. The twisted versions of Batman include The Red Death, The Murder Machine, and The Merciless. As The Devastator, Bruce even infected himself with the Doomsday virus in order to become a monster and kill Superman. For someone who always defends his vigilante ways, even Bruce thinks he has gone too far as the maniacal Batman Who Laughs.

3 He's An Awful Parent

Children are supposed to be a reflection of their parents. Bruce Wayne is unbelievably stern towards his young ward, Dick Grayson, in All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder. During their training session, Bruce leaves Dick alone and afraid in the middle of the Batcave.

In order to survive, the Boy Wonder has to eat the rats and feed off the bats. Even members of the Justice League have difficulty getting along with Batman's son, Damian Wayne, who behaves like such a spoiled brat. Damian also attacked Tim Drake, the other Robin, and his own father with his deadly sword.

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2 He Keeps Too Many Secrets

As the investigation into the Sanctuary murders continued in Heroes in Crisis, Batman and The Flash had their own four-part crossover in "The Price of Justice." Batman really doesn't share much of his personal life, as the Flash apologizes for missing his wedding to Catwoman; which didn't happen.

If Bruce claims to be the greatest detective ever, then Barry Allen demands to know why he hasn't solved Wally West's murder. Though the two heroes have immense respect for each other, their relationship turned sour when Bruce blamed Barry for forgetting that Wally ever existed.

1 He Only Gets Involved When He Wants To

Good luck if you ever need help from Batman, because the Dark Knight will certainly refuse to offer his assistance. Ted Kord, aka The Blue Beetle, learned that harsh lesson about Batman's cold heart during Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Batman didn't want to get involved or step in with some helpful cash when Ted revealed his entire business had gone financially bankrupt. While trying to find out who had been stealing his funds, the Blue Beetle discovered Maxwell Lord had been using Batman's technology, the Brother MK I satellite, to spy on the Justice League.

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