Batman Who Laughs Vs. Animated Series Batman in Fan Art You Wish Was Real

A fan of Batman: The Animated Series decided to recreate a Batman Who Laughs cover in the style of the classic DC cartoon.

Instagram user BatmanTheAnimatedFan showcased their take on the cover for The Batman Who Laughs #7. They recreated the David Finch cover in the style of the '90s animated series developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian. The artwork captures Finch's poses with Timm's trademark style.

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In the post, BatmanTheAnimatedFan wrote, "Batman Who Laughs #7 - TAS style! Here’s my BTAS version of this awesome cover by David Finch. I decided to leave out the background details as I felt it popped more with just two main characters in this animated style. Hope you like it!"

Outside of this fan-created cover, Timm's character designs influenced the DC Animated Universe for many years including Superman: The Animated Series, the two Justice League series and Batman Beyond. Seeing the fan-created cover highlights the lasting influence of Timm's design style on today's artists.

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Batman: The Animated Series along with its follow-up series The New Batman Adventures is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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