DC Collectibles Introduces Batman Who Laughs Universe's Harley Quinn

Following recent news that The Batman Who Laughs will star in ongoing comic series this summer, DC Collectibles has revealed a version of Harley Quinn from that Batman/Joker hybrid's universe.

Sculpted by artist Greg Horn, the exclusive red, white and black collectible statue was announced at ToyFair 2019. This Harley Quinn wears an outfit similar to the one seen in the Gotham Resistance tie-in from Dark Nights: Metal, which introduced The Batman Who Laughs to the mainstream DC universe. Along with her unsettling red-tipped hair, the really chilling change to this incarnation of Harley is the Kabuki-style mask she wears. She also appears to be holding a custom The Batman Who Laughs coffee mug with her name printed on it.

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The leader of the nightmare Dark Knights from parallel worlds, The Batman Who Laughs is a version of Bruce Wayne from Earth-22 . The former hero was infected with a special Joker toxin after he murdered his nemesis. Once corrupted, he slaughtered his family and allies before expanding his murderous crusade to include the entire world.

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Considering the fate that befell The Batman Who Laughs' world, it is unclear if this is a unique interpretation of what this evil Batman's Harley would look like or if it's a first look at a future character.

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