The Batman Who Laughs Has A Twisted Version of the Batmobile

It only makes sense that the Batmen of the Dark Multiverse would have their own, twisted Batmobiles. And while we've yet to be officially introduced to any of the evil Dark Knights' rides in the pages of Dark Nights: Metal or its tie-ins, thanks to a recent Twitter challenge by the event's co-architect Scott Snyder, we've got a sneak preview of one of them.

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Earlier this week, Snyder took to Twitter to ask Green Arrow and Teen Titans writer Benjamin Percy to share an example of what fans can expect from the next chapter in the current "Gotham Resistance" storyline. Percy quickly shared a panel of a sad Killer Croc as illustrated by Green Arrow artist Juan Ferreyra -- but that wasn't good enough for the artist.

Ferreyra himself quickly joined in the fun, tweeting a panel that depicts The Batman Who Laughs' Batmobile. Or, rather, The Laughmobile. "Croc is fun," Ferreyra said, "but I think Scott will agree this is more METAL #DCMetal The Laughmobile!!!!"


The first look at the Dark Multiverse's Joker/Batman hybrid's insane ride is something that would feel right at home along the works of Big Daddy Roth, or racing across the desert in search of guzzolene. With flame-throwing exhaust pipes, metal spikes jutting from the roof, and a grill evoking the Joker's insane smile, it's pretty much what you'd expect a psychotic Batman from the Dark Multiverse to drive.

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But as badass as it may be (and, really, it is badass), the heroes who will come face-to-grill with it are more likely to be horrified than intrigued. Not only does the Laughmobile have a machine gun welded to the roof, manned by one of The Batman Who Laughs' demonic Robins, Teen Titans member Raven is imprisoned on the back of the vehicle.

While the rest of her teammates have been transformed into evil versions of themselves thanks to the Joker/Batman hybrid, Raven has been noticeably absent from their ranks. Could her half-demon blood be enabling her to resist The Batman Who Laughs' attempts at transforming her? Or is she somehow fueling his nightmarish Laughmobile? We'll find out when Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra's Green Arrow #32, the final chapter of Dark Nights: Metal's "Gotham Resistance" crossover, arrives in stores Wednesday, Oct. 4.

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