Batman Who Laughs Preview Depicts Joker's Bloody Reign

batman who laughs #1

Even as the Batman Who Laughs helps to assemble the Evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse in the Dark Knights one-shots, DC Comics has released a five-page preview from the unnerving doppelganger's own upcoming comic.

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The black-and-white art, by Riley Rossmo (Cowboy Ninja Viking, Batman/The Shadow) depicts a smoking Gotham City of a parallel Earth under the heel of The Joker, who's captured the Caped Crusader and killed his enemies and allies alike (we see Gordon's bloody badge and discarded pipe and jacket, and the bodies of Catwoman, The Penguin and Kill Croc, among others). Presumably, this is a glimpse of the origin of the Batman Who Laughs.

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Speaking last month with CBR, Dark Nights: Metal writer Scott Snyder opened a window into the Evil Batman's backstory, explaining, "The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce asking, ‘What if I killed the Joker and I found out that he has a toxin in his heart that essentially made whoever kills him the next Joker, and that’s why he’s always tried to get Batman to kill him?’ It’s one of the darkest stories that we could do,” he said, adding that there's much more to explore. “What happens then, what happens to the family, all of that is in [the] Batman: The Batman Who Laughs one-shot.”

The Batman Who Laughs #1, by Rossmo and writer James T. Tynion IV, goes on sale Nov. 15 from DC Comics.

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