The Batman Who Laughs May Become a DCU Staple After Dark Nights: Metal


DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee celebrated the end of Inktober by tweeting an inked cover to the New Age of DC Hero's Immortal Men #3, featuring the evil Dark Knights' sadistic ringleader, the Batman Who Laughs. While we figured we'd have to wait until the DC event concludes next year to learn the fate of this Batman doppelgänger, Lee's cover art hints that the villain may be sticking around for the long haul.

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The cover -- penciled by Lee and inked by Scott Williams -- sees the Batman Who Laughs using chained collars and leashes to wrangle two of his cannibalistic Robins. Lee and Williams' artwork is accompanied by the message, "Last day of #inktober not complete w/o the badass inkery of the master @scottwilliamsinks! Immortal Men # 3 cvr w/the Batman who Laughs!"


The New Age of DC Heroes will pick up the breadcrumbs left behind by the current Dark Nights: Metal event, so having the Immortal Men face off against the Batman Who Laughs makes sense. However, the bigger news is that this seems to confirm that the Batman Who Laughs won't be completely neutralized in Metal and may remain a fixture in the DC Universe going forward. He's arguably the breakout character from Dark Nights: Metal, so it would make sense for the publisher to take advantage of his popularity and build him as a reoccurring threat.

Immortal Men #3, from James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams, is on sale Dec. 6.

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