The Batman Who Laughs' Justice League Satellite Is Absolutely Metal

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman/Superman #4 by Joshua Williamson, David Marquez, Alejandro Sanchez and John J. Hill, on sale now.

The Batman Who Laughs is a twisted reflection of the Caped Crusader that hails from the Dark Multiverse. The character first invaded Earth during the Dark Nights: Metal event as one of the cosmic giant Barbatos' evil Batmen, and quickly proved himself to be a fan favorite. Not only did the character survive the event, he also starred in his own spinoff series. And now, he's the main villain of the new Batman/Superman series.

Although he may be locked up, the Batman Who Laughs showed he is just as dangerous and prepared as the real Batman when it was revealed that he had infected other heroes of the DC Universe to become like him -- twisted reflections of themselves. Now, in Batman/Superman #4, the supervillain finally reveals his plan, and his Secret Six are just a piece of the puzzle.

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Next, he breaches across space and time to open a portal to his own dark universe and bring the Justice League satellite from his reality. And, like everything else Batman Who Laughs, the Justice League headquarters is absolutely metal.

Batman Who Laughs Justice League satellite 1093

The Batman Who Laughs may be a villain but he is his universe's version of the Dark Knight. For that reason, he has everything the Batman we know has. He's got the bat suit and (horned) cowl, the gadgets and his own rabid Robins. But that's not all, in Batman/Superman #1, we saw the character's own grim, blood-stained batcave, and later on in the series we even saw his version of the batwing. Now, in Batman/Superman #4, we see what the Justice League's satellite headquarters look like in a universe where the villainous Batman Who Laughs has killed, well, everyone.

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In the issue, we finally learn the reason the Batman Who Laughs infected Shazam, Jim Gordon, Hawkman, Donna Troy, Blue Beetle and Supergirl: all of these characters represent a different energy the supervillain needs to open a portal to his universe. Once this portal is open, he brings over the Justice League satellite, which has received a complete makeover. While the satellite's iconic design is still recognizable, it has been retrofitted with dark metal: like the Batman Who Laughs' visor, the satellite also has its own ring of sharp spikes.

With these modifications, the satellite now serves as a cosmic bat-signal, as Jim Gordon describes it. That's right -- it's not just a modified Justice League satellite, it's also the biggest and most twisted bat-signal ever. If it crosses over and orbits around the Earth, its light will be able to infect every single person on the planet, transforming them into twisted versions of themselves -- just like the Batman Who Laughs and his secret six.

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