Batman Who Laughs Funko POP! Figure Is More Terrifying Than Cute


It's not every day that a new comic book character instantly becomes a fan-favorite. And yet, such was exactly the case for The Batman Who Laughs, a villainous and frightening character that made his comic debut last year in writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal event series.

The Batman Who Laughs was introduced as one of the main villains in the Batman-centric event. Hailing from the Dark Multiverse, this twisted, evil version of Batman was a Bruce Wayne who was infected with a special concoction of the Joker's laughing gas to become a mixture of both the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. He is a murderous and grinning genius who keeps ravenous Robins on a leash. The character's unique, demented look and his crazed and sinister antics made him an instant fan-favorite that managed to outlive the miniseries that introduced him.

A few statues of the character have already been announced or released, and now the popular toy collectible manufacturing giant Funko is joining in on the fun. The company has unveiled a new Pop! vinyl figure based on The Batman Who Laughs, a figure that is sure to add a bit of fright to your Batman display.

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Batman Who Laughs Funko POP

The Pop! figure of The Batman Who Laughs is highly-detailed, and shows off the pale skin and nefarious grin of the character. The costume is lifted straight from the comics, from the caped coat to the spiked visor. However, there are no chained Robins to accompany this figure -- but that doesn't mean that a future deluxe exclusive will not include the terrifying Boy Wonders. The collectible is a PX Previews exclusive, and it's up for pre-order now, with an expected release date of Janurary 2019.

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Although other evil Batmen were introduced in Dark Nights: Metal, The Batman Who Laughs is the only  one of the bunch who has made comic book appearances beyond the event series. The villain has already appeared in writer Scott Snyder's Justice League series, where he has now joined Lex Luthor as a member of the Legion of Doom. On top of that, Snyder will pen a Batman Who Laughs solo miniseries, which will be illustrated by frequent collaborator and superstar artist Jock. Not much is known about the series itself, but it's set to introduce another evil version of Batman, a lethal, Punisher-inspired character called the Grim Knight.

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