Batman Who Laughs' Batcave Is Beneath [SPOILER] - Because of Course It Is

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman/Superman #1 by Joshua Williamson, David Marquez, Alejandro Sanchez and John J. Hill, in stores now.

Ever since the Batman Who Laughs barged into the DC Universe in Dark Nights: Metal, one thing has been clear: He is one of the most frightening villains the Dark Knight and the rest of the Justice League have ever faced. He's dark, twisted and incredibly dangerous.

What makes the character a perfect blend of horror is the idea that he is the worst version of Batman possible -- a Jokerized version of the character, sadistic, brutal, violent, but also meticulous, dedicated and unstoppable. Worse still, he's got a twisted sense of humor. And given that it's in his name, he loves to laugh.

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After taking on Batman in a battle for the fate of Gotham City, the Batman Who Laughs disappeared after being defeated. Ever the resourceful planner, the villain made sure other characters were infected with a Joker toxin similar to the one that made him what he is.

Now, in Batman/Superman #1, the titular superheroes go on the trail of the evil Batman from the Dark Multiverse -- and they unearth his Batcave... in the darkest location possible.

At the start of the series' first issue, Batman and Superman are brought together by Jim Gordon. He has a missing child case that seems to be directly connected to the Batman Who Laughs. The two superheroes then team up, following the trail of evidence. Before long, they find their way to Park Row -- and Crime Alley, more specifically. As fans know, and as the book reminds us, this is the infamous location of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. It's where Bruce Wayne was orphaned, and where, some would argue, the Batman was born.

There, Superman uses his x-ray vision to determine that there is a passage located directly under the alley. With Batman's approval, Superman punches a hole through the pavement and the two dive right in. After being attacked by a fleet of drones that the two defeat easily, they find what is located under Crime Alley: the Batman Who Laughs' own Batcave.

The supervillain's cave is much like the one we know, but it has all the appropriate twists, and a blood-red glow to make it distinctly his.

But the real horror is the location of this Batcave. Of all the places the character could have built his own base of operations, he chose the darkest, most twisted place possible: the alley where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed. To him, it's probably just another clever joke -- another way to get under Batman's skin. However, it also seems to be part of his plan. Superman and Batman both deduce the Batcave is something the Batman Who Laughs wanted them to find, so perhaps this was the easiest, most obvious location to him -- a giant red sign to come find him and let the game properly begin.

The Batman Who Laughs has been in the DC Universe for more than two years now, which means he had plenty of time to plan his next move. Since building a whole underground compound takes time, he probably built this cave a while black. This means whatever happens next, he is more than a few steps ahead of Batman and Superman.

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