Murphy Shares White Knight's Uncensored Harley Quinn/Joker Sex Scene


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers, and nudity, for a future issue of Batman: White Knight, by Sean Gordon Murphy.

In October, Batman: White Knight writer/artist Sean Murphy teased that his alternate-universe DC Comics tale will feature the first ever sex scene featuring Harley Quinn and the Joker. Now, the creator has taken to social media to release the scene ahead of its publication, allowing fans to see the art without the word balloons that will block the nudity once it arrive in print and digital.

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The art, revealed by Murphy on his Instagram account, depicts Harleen Quinzel and Jack Napier in bed together, post-sex and just before Harley apparently accept Jack's previous request of marriage.

"This is the much-talked-about love scene with Jack and Harley in White Knight," Murphy wrote of the art, colored by Matt Hollingsworth. He continues, explaining shy this version will see Harley's naughty bits covered when it finally sees print. "I've been told to cover up the nudity with word balloons, to meet DC's "teen+" rating. Which I understand. I was pushing for an "adult" rating, but I don't know if DC has that. Maybe for the sequel I can convince them. :)"

And, for those who notice that Harley's placing the ring on the wrong hand, Murphy notes that once it's published, the panel will be flipped.

A second Instagram post details how Murphy is attempting to redefine Harley Quinn's relationship with the Joker. "I feel like the trick to making Harley work is always making her powerful," he wrote, offering a panel-by-=panel breakdown of how he drew a scene that depicts the pair on a date. From the dress Harley ears to the poses she strikes to the way the pair interact, the entire page is designed with the goal of establishing them as equals rather than the traditional approach to their relationship which often found her suffering at the Joker's chauvinism and generally evil proclivities.

Batman: White Knight imagines a world in which the Joker has reformed. Of course, Batman doesn’t believe his old nemesis’ story about being cured and, as Joker (who now goes by the name Jack Napier) becomes a voice for the abused lower class of Gotham, the Dark Knight becomes increasingly convinced he’s up to something.

Batman: White Knight #3 arrives Dec. 6 from DC Comics. Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, the series was recently extended from seven issues to eight.

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